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Small Greenhouses - Wall Gardens

Small greenhouses are a perfect solution to maximise your growing area when space is limited. A selection of wall gardens are available which attach to the wall, essentially these are a lean to greenhouse but at only 2ft away from your wall they are designed more for growing your plants than for a proper work space for potting.
There are a large selection of aluminium free standing small greenhouses available starting from 4ft x 4ft and upwards from top UK manufacturers Elite and Eden with a very handy 5ft wide model being the Elite Streamline. Even with a small amount of space a green house can still be customised with lots of accessories such as staging and shelves to make growing your vegetables and seeds a pleasure!

Halls Wall Garden

A Wall Garden is perfect for the grower with limited space.

Supreme Halls Wall Garden

Offers a surprising amount of space and a stylish, elegant look.

Elite Easygrow Small Lean To

2ft3" wide in multiple length's
Quality small lean to. With it's low ridge height this small greenhouse will fit most spaces.

Juliana Urban Range

Top quality range of balcony greenhouses & small patio greenhouses

Elite Aluminium Compact

4ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
Packed with features usually found on larger models, offering a surprisingly spacious environment with its generous eaves height.

Powder Coated Compact

4ft3" wide multiple lengths.
Painted version of this excellent little greenhouse, double doors and low threshold as standard. Perfect for the beginner!

Eden Birdlip Zero Threshold

4ft 10" wide in multiple length's
Excellent range of 4ft wide greenhouses from Eden featuring the Zero Threshold door system. When space is limited these maximise the growing area.

Elite Aluminium Streamline

5ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
With it's large growing areas, double doors and low threshold access, the Streamline is a popular choice amongst growers.

Powder Coated Streamline

5ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
Painted version of the Streamline. Super strength diamond integral staging is available for a clutter free, practical working area.

Elite iGro

6ft3" wide in multiple lengths. Made from 4mm polycarbonate, the iGro includes a vent and low threshold access door as standard in many of the other Elite buildings.

Halls Popular

6ft Wide
The classic Halls greenhouse, the amateur's top choice for decades.

Halls Green Popular

6ft Wide
Forest Green version of the time honoured Halls Popular

Halls Supreme

6ft Wide
The elegant Halls Supreme, curved eaves for enhanced looks.

Halls Green Supreme

6ft Wide
The Forest Green Supreme blends well in your garden

Elite Aluminium Craftsman

6ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
The Elite Craftsman has remained a favoured choice of advanced growers for many years. It's 6ft3" wide inner space allows for superb storage.

Powder Coated Craftsman

6ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
Accessory packages are available from Elite which would allow you to tailor your Craftsman to work effectively and stylishly in your own environment.

Evika Greenhouses

Brand new for 2020 these are an exciting new design. Using 3mm SAN glazing that is as clear as glass but nearly unbreakable and offers the ultimate in safety. Fast delivery time of 5-7 days!

Powder Coated 6ft Wide Thyme

6ft3" wide in multiple lengths.
Painted version of the 6ft wide Thyme. Thanks to it's elegant 12" wide glass panels, the Thyme is immensely strong.

Clearview Sussex
NEW FOR 2017
4ft8" Wide in multiple  length 's .
All the Clearview quality in a smaller model!
Swallow 4ft Wide Lark

4ft7"  Wide Multiple Length's NEW!
Excellent quality Thermowood small greenhouse