Small Potting Sheds

Small potting sheds are ideal for when your space is limited, and you want the convenience of both a shed and a greenhouse in one structure.

Our potting shed range starts from 6ft x 4ft. All potting sheds are made from wood, and are very hight quality and heavy duty.

Free delivery and installation is included in the price.

5 Items
Clearview 6'-8" x 4'-3" Oxfordshire
£2,295.00  -  £2,821.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 6'-4" Oxfordshire
£2,519.00  -  £3,173.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Oxfordshire
£2,757.00  -  £3,391.00
Swallow 6'-8 x 6'-4 Jay Potting Shed
£3,519.00  -  £3,999.00
Swallow 6'-8 x 8'-4 Jay Potting Shed
£3,751.00  -  £4,262.00

Small Potting Shed vs Small Greenhouse

If you're considering a small potting shed, you may also be considering a small greenhouse.

Below we'll cover the pros of each one:

Pros of a Small Potting Shed

  1. Multi-use - a potting shed allows you space to store tools and gardening equipment, as well as a space for growing plants.
  2. Heavy duty - as these are wooden, they tend to be more heavy duty than a lot of small aluminium greenhouses.
  3. Visually appealing - a potting shed looks nicer than a greenhouse, with a more traditional appearance that matches the wood often found in gardens, such as fences, sheds, and trellis.
  4. Colours - a potting shed tends to have more painted options than greenhouses.

Pros of a Small Greenhouse

  1. Cheaper - small greenhouses tend to have cheaper options than potting sheds.
  2. Manoeuvrable - being more lightweight, it's often easier to move a small greenhouse around the garden.
  3. More space for plants - a greenhouse has a much larger area for growing plants in than a potting shed.