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Great looking, solid greenhouse, with a few niggles!
Sunday, 9 February 2020  |  Torben

This is my first greenhouse. It looks great, once constructed it feels very solid. However the base, the vents and the instructions mean that I'll only give it 4 stars, there were times during the construction when I would given it a much lower score! I have the 10x6, set on earth and I built it over a few days with the help of a friend. This was our first greenhouse build. As noted by the previous reviewer, the instructions are in pictures with no written commentary. This is really frustrating. Even a few written tips on what to do at key stages would have been really helpful. Also the resolution of the drawings could have been much better, to make it absolutely clear how parts should be oriented. I'm 57, I suspect most greenhouse buyers are older, and like me wear glasses. So larger, clearer pictures would seem an obvious requirement. On to the construction. The standard base is 6x6, for a 10x6 you get a 4ft extension. This creates a point of weakness which can flex both up and down and side to side. The plate that links the 6ft and 4th sections should be longer to stop this. Make sure that this joint is well supported and both level and straight. We had some movement in one joint which resulted in one 6ft section of the greenhouse on just one side being out of square when we were glazing. We set the base in place with postcrete. With hindsight I would have layed the slabs for the central path in the greenhouse before setting the base as I've had to chip away at the postcrete around the door frame so that I can set the slabs at the right level. The frame sections can be built by one person, 2 are required for fixing sections together and glazing. Provided you pay attention to the instructions (and don't miss out any bolts) constructing the frame was relatively straightforward. Glazing is a bigger challenge. The mastic comes in rolls, backed by red tape which you then try and peel off once it's in place. Peeling this off the frame while leaving the mastic on was a devil of job. It's obvious, but pay real attention to the first sheet of glass and make sure its square, once in place the mastic holds it in place and adjustment isn't possible. You need really strong thumbs to push the capping into place. Again with hindsight I wonder if this would have been easier if the capping was warmer (we were working in early January). Perhaps keep it in a warm room, before use? I bought a louvre vent. The instructions are useless! It requires a lot of fiddling to secure the glass. One small, easily overlooked picture in the instructions suggests this should be placed at the end of the greenhouse opposite the door. After a fair bit of time on google this is where I decided to place it. Be aware that it restricts the height options for the integrated shelf. Not a major problem but something I only became aware of when I came to fit the shelf. The shelf looks great and feels really solid, well worth the investment. Finally the roof vents. Why have such a quality greenhouse let down by rubbish vents? They are frustrating to construct and you have to fiddle with them to try and get them to fit properly (for us a two man job!). It really shouldn't be difficult to come up with something better. The vent fittings are cheap, nasty plastic which I wouldn't trust to keep the vent open. Hopefully I won't need them as I'm going to fit automatic openers. I don't want to finish on a negative, this is a really good greenhouse, it wouldn't take much effort from Halls to make it a great greenhouse.

Our New Greenhouse
Wednesday, 29 January 2020  |  Paul

I am delighted with the build quality and swift installation of our new greenhouse. Many thanks to the team for a great job.

Lovely little potting greenhouse
Monday, 20 January 2020  |  Nigel

The greenhouse was put up quickly and efficiently and, to date, I can see no problems. The men (Derrick and Pete) arrived at the time they said (no problems on the M25!) and worked to get it done. The sales communication was good (Tai kept us informed)
Thank you - this firm is recommended by me

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