Aluminium Cold Frames

High-quality aluminium cold frames for sale with UK delivery. These mini greenhouses are excellent for bringing on your seeds and protecting your tender plants. Choose a toughened glass or polycarbonate cold frame to introduce your children to the world of gardening!
Available as low free-standing glass houses or small wall gardens attached to your wall.
All our cold frames are made from rust-free aluminium or treated timber, and are available with free UK delivery within 5 working days.

Cold Frame Greenhouses

A cold frame greenhouse is a small greenhouse designed to offer growing spaces to people with limited space. It helps you to control the temperature and light exposure from the sun, helping your plants to grow despite bad weather. They can be used in the garden, on the patio, on a balcony, or even indoors/on a windowsill. You can grow small plants, seedlings, shrubs, and flowers using cold frames.

Cold Frame Materials

The two popular materials used in cold frames are aluminium and wood. Each has its pros and cons. The pros of a wooden cold frame are that it's a more natural and heavy-duty material that fits into natural surroundings better, and looks more traditional. The downside is that wood tends to be more expensive, so aluminium is best if you want to save money. Aluminium is also lighter, making it easier to move around.

Cold Frame Glazing Materials

For cold frame glazing, you can choose between glass and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the safest, as it cannot shatter into dangerous pieces, but it is also the most expensive and gives a cloudy appearance that some people dislike. 

Glass glazing comes in two types, horticultural or toughened. Horticultural glass is the cheapest, but it can shatter into dangerous pieces. Toughened glass is slightly more expensive, but when it shatters it breaks into very small pieces, making it much safer.