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Shop 6x8 greenhouses online at great prices. Free UK Delivery. Most popular size in the UK. Aluminium and wooden frame options. Good growing area without being too wide. Shop the range below.

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6x8 Elite Craftsman Aluminium Finish
£630.00  -  £1,114.00
6x8 Elite High Eave Aluminium Finish
£699.00  -  £1,260.00
6x8 Elite Craftsman Painted Finish
£974.00  -  £1,460.00
6x8 Elite High Eave Painted Finish
£1,110.00  -  £1,664.00
6x8 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish
£1,629.00  -  £2,045.00
6x8 Elite Edge Pent Roof
£1,765.00  -  £2,459.00
6x8 Elite Thyme Painted Finish
£2,275.00  -  £2,645.00
6x8 Elite Titan Painted Finish
£2,305.00  -  £2,799.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Aylesworth
£2,345.00  -  £2,931.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Wiltshire
£2,696.00  -  £3,369.00
Dwarf Wall Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Wiltshire
£2,696.00  -  £3,369.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Oxfordshire
£2,757.00  -  £3,391.00
Dwarf Wall Swallow 6'-8 x 8'-4 Kingfisher
£3,504.00  -  £3,982.00
Swallow 6'-8 x 8'-4 Kingfisher
£3,504.00  -  £3,982.00

6x8 greenhouses are the most common size greenhouse sold in the UK. 6ft wide and 8ft long, they offer a good growing area, without dominating most garden sizes. If you're looking for 8ft wide x 6ft long greenhouses then click here.

We stock both aluminium and wooden 6x8 greenhouses, with the glazing choice of polycarbonate, toughened safety glass or horticultural glass.

Free Delivery included in the price on all greenhouses.

Types of 6x8 Greenhouses

6x8 Elite craftsman aluminium greenhouseAluminium 6x8 Greenhouses

We stock a range of durable 6ft x 8ft aluminium greenhouses. The image here is the 6x8 Elite Craftsman Aluminium Finish greenhouse.

Shop all aluminium greenhouses here

6x8 Halls Cotswold Eden BurfordPolycarbonate 6x8 Greenhouses

Polycarbonate 6ft x 8ft greenhouses are sturdy and require little maintenance. Polycarbonate refers to the glazing choice used, and so technically all greenhouses could be polycarbonate if you choose this. Polycarbonate is really good for safety, as there is no glass to break that could cause harm.

The image here is of the 6x8 Halls Cotswold Eden Burford greenhouse.

Shop all polycarbonate greenhouses here

6x8 Elite Featured Dwarf Wall Painted Finish greenhouseGlass 6x8 Greenhouses

We have a variety of aesthetically appealing glass with 6x8 greenhouses to browse. A glass greenhouse is simply any greenhouse that uses glass glazing, so all of our greenhouses can be customised to be them should you choose.

The model shown in the image is the 6x8 Elite Featured Dwarf Wall Painted Finish greenhouse.

Shop all glass greenhouses here

Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Oxfordshire greenhouseWooden 6x8 Greenhouses

Our range of wooden 6x8 greenhouses will make a beautiful addition to any garden. They use treated timber, which means they're going to last for many years.

The model in the image is the Clearview 6'-8" x 8'-5" Oxfordshire wooden greenhouse.

Shop all wooden greenhouses here

6x8 Elite Kensington Lean To Aluminium Finish greenhouseLean to 6x8 Greenhouses

You will love the look of the slanted roof on our range of lean to 6x8 greenhouses. They conveniently take up less space than a free standing greenhouse, and benefit from residual heating next to the structure.

The model in the image is the 6x8 Elite Kensington Lean To Aluminium Finish greenhouse.

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Low-Height 6x8 Greenhouses

We stock a range of low-height 6X8 greenhouses.

Shop all low-height lean to greenhouses here

6x8 Elite Dwarf Wall Thyme Painted Finish greenhouseDwarf Wall 6x8 Greenhouses

If you prefer a more permanent structure for your greenhouse, and like the look of the half walled type, then a dward wall is for you.

The model shown in the image is the 6x8 Elite Dwarf Wall Thyme Painted Finish greenhouse, which has a Victorian appeal and fits well into any garden setting.

Shop all dwarf wall greenhouses here

Brands of 6x8 Greenhouses


Halls greenhouses are synonymous with quality. Check out our variety of Halls 6ft x 8ft greenhouses. 

Shop all Halls greenhouses here


Eden has a reputation for durability in its greenhouses. We stock a range of Eden greenhouses for you to choose from. 

Shop all Eden greenhouses here


Shop our range of high-quality Elite greenhouses. These greenhouses are made to order, and the company has a long 60 year history of manufacturing the strongest aluminium greenhouses around.

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What is an 6x8 Greenhouse?

A 6x8 greenhouse is a greenhouse thats base measures 6ft wide and 8ft long. The width portion tends to be where the doors are located, and so the length extends backwards from there. These meausrements tend to be approximations, and so the actual size of the greenhouse can vary above or below this slightly.


We stock a range of greenhouses with wooden and aluminium frames that come with various choices of glazing. 

Toughened Glass

As far as safety goes toughened glass is the ideal choice. Toughened safety glass offers the crystal clear clarity of traditional glass but with added protection. 

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural glass is inexpensive but if it breaks you could be in trouble. This type of glass will easily shatter into a million pieces. 

Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate glazing is by far the safest option but this type of glazing is not as crystal clear as glass. Polycarbonate panels won't shatter like traditional glass, making them much more appropriate around children/public places.


We stock several important and helpful accessories and optional extras that you can add to your greenhouse order. 


Ventilating your greenhouse helps you control the heat in the summer. Adding ventilation can be crucial and it can be in the form of an extra louvre window, an auto roof vent, a louvre vent or an auto louvre vent. 


We have a range of greenhouse heaters that can allow the keen gardener to keep plants year-round. 


We offer 5 slat and 2 slat shelving and staging options. Extra shelves are perfect for storing gardening tools, pots and plants.


Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

Charles, 07/11/2016 Reviewed the 6x8 Elite High Eave Aluminium Finish

"My greenhouse arrived on time with every last piece, including glass, in perfect condition. I opted to construct the greenhouse myself as I live too far away to qualify for 'team assembly'. Although it took me a few days to complete everything, self assembly has given me a sense of achievement! My only criticism is aimed at the assembly instruction book. This needs reviewing so that it better covers varying learning styles of customers, i.e a few more helpful pictures! I also purchased some grow hooks that can be easily locked in place in seconds, they are made of plastic, have an eye hole and clip."

Kerry, 08/03/2016 Reviewed the 6x8 Elite Craftsman Painted Finish

"After visiting many garden centres and websites researching greenhouses we finally decided on the elite craftsman and couldn't be happier. The quality is second to none, sturdy, practical and attractive. Building it ourselves took a few days and the only complaint is the instructions could have been written easier for novices to understand. The service, communication and price from SW Greenhouses was excellent."

Amanda, 25/02/2016 Reviewed the 6x8 Elite High Eave Aluminium Finish

"An excellent greenhouse - well constructed. I opted for the SW greenhouse team to assemble it for me and was very pleased with service received."

South West Greenhouses are rated 4.94/5 based on 2161 reviews.

UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all 6x8 greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.

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