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Hand picked greenhouses, with offers on our best garden greenhouse selection that's perfect for using your green thumbs at home, with Free Delivery across the UK, from a range of high-quality affordable greenhouses at great prices.

Wooden Greenhouses
Wooden Greenhouses

Wood has excellent insulation properties and helps to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Aluminium Greenhouses
Aluminium Greenhouses

Aluminium is maintenance free and will not rust or warp.

Lean To Greenhouses
Lean To Greenhouses

Unlike traditional freestanding garden greenhouses, the Lean To is designed to be attached to your house or wall.

Small Greenhouses
Small Greenhouses

When space is limited you can still enjoy your growing with one of our small greenhouses.

Large Greenhouses
Large Greenhouses

Perfect for the serious gardener or professional. Maximise your growing area.

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses
Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Taking a design from a bygone era and bringing it to the present day packed with practical features.

Premium Greenhouses
Premium Greenhouses

These greenhouses offer extra strength and style, with many features as standard.

Potting Sheds
Potting Sheds

Torn between a greenhouse or shed? consider a potting shed as an alternative.


We supply a large range of staging and greenhouse essentials.

4x4 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish
£560.00  -  £820.00
6x8 Elite High Eave Aluminium Finish
£699.00  -  £1,260.00
6x8 Elite Craftsman Painted Finish
£974.00  -  £1,460.00
8x10 Elite Belmont Aluminium Finish
£1,020.00  -  £1,710.00
6x8 Elite Edge Pent Roof
£1,765.00  -  £2,459.00
Clearview 6'-8" x 10'-6" Aylesworth
£2,492.00  -  £3,131.00
Clearview 8'-9" x 10'-6" Hampshire
£3,726.00  -  £4,845.00
6x10 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish
£1,849.00  -  £2,309.00
8x12 Elite Belmont Painted Finish
£1,830.00  -  £2,690.00
8x12 Elite Titan Painted Finish
£3,499.00  -  £4,159.00
Swallow 5'-8" x 6'-4" Robin
£3,172.00  -  £3,605.00

Greenhouse offers from the top UK Brands

Our sizes range from small patio greenhouses to large greenhouses , including wide-base glass houses. You can customise options like the greenhouse base, and the greenhouse glass/glazing. We have top brands, such as Halls, Juliana, Clearview, Swallow, Elite, Eden, and Access greenhouses. You can browse eco-friendly greenhouses and commercial greenhouses for nurseries too.

There has been a recent spike in the number of greenhouses deals, and our wide range is no different, with aluminium greenhouses, wooden greenhouses, portable greenhouses, and plastic glasshouse all available online.

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You can also read our customer reviews here.

General Greenhouse Buyer Advice - How To Choose

Customers often come to us after searching for "discount greenhouses" without having an exact model or type in mind. After seeing the large selection we have on offer, it is often difficult to narrow down your choices. This page will hopefully help you with your decision.

We only supply what we believe to be the best range of greenhouses available in the UK market, and each manufacturer has been handpicked to offer the best value for money in relation to quality. There are lower-cost greenhouses available from other sellers elsewhere, but we feel they will not give you a proper level of performance...if we did, we would probably be offering them ourselves!

Therefore these are the cheapest greenhouses possible without sacrificing on quality - that's the South West Greenhouses way.

We have a full greenhouse buyers guide here.

Below are some of the questions you should be considering before purchasing:

Aluminium or Wooden Frame Greenhouses

Aluminium Frame Benefits

Aluminium is the best choice for a metal greenhouse and will not rust or warp. Virtually maintenance-free, it will keep going on and on for decades. This versatile material also allows for lots of different variations and a huge choice of sizes and colour options are available.

All aluminium greenhouses are supplied in kit form, so allow yourself plenty of time to install it. As a rough guide, a 6x8 model will take approximately 2 days to construct with no previous experience.

We have a huge choice available from good sturdy entrance-level models right up to super strong premium models.

See our range of Aluminium greenhouses here.

Wooden Frame Benefits

Wood is a fantastic material for a greenhouse and has a certain charm and warmth to it that aluminium does not have. Simply being inside a timber greenhouse is a joy. 

We have carefully selected our range of timber greenhouses for their build quality and ease of purchase, and they are all hand made by UK craftsmen, as well as being fully installed for the same price! Each model is made with top-quality materials and a good thickness of timber.

Although we only supply what we believe are the best greenhouses available, be aware that wooden greenhouses are not maintenance-free and will need some aftercare if you wish them to keep going past the manufacturer's warranty (at least 10 years). Wood greenhouses will also cost more than their aluminium counterparts.

See our range of wooden greenhouses here

Wooden greenhouses will often have the option to convert them into a greenhouse shed combo, which is very practical when you need a place to grow plants, alongside storage for tools. These are very similar to potting sheds.

All greenhouse types tend to have a traditional pitched roof.

Greenhouse Size - Assess Gardening and Growing Needs

Deciding the size of your greenhouse is a big decision and one many customers are unsure of. You may be restricted to a size because of your garden or patio or you may have the luxury of being able to have one of the larger models available.

We suggest you mark out the area to see how the greenhouse will fit, try using stones or pots in the 4 corners, or even better, some stakes and string, so you can really see the floor area.

Be aware that most aluminium frame greenhouses are called by their nominal dimensions down to the nearest foot when, in reality, they are actually a few inches bigger. For example, the most common 6x8 greenhouse (or 8x6) is actually 6ft 4" x 8ft 6". Every individual greenhouse page has a "Dimensions" tab with the exact size shown by a diagram.

Try to think about what you are planning to use the greenhouse for, also be aware of future maintenance needed and possibly would you replace a broken pane of glass if the greenhouse is up against a fence?

Some other popular sizes are 4x4, 6x10, 6x4, 6x6, 8x10, and 8x12.

Base Area - Similar To Sheds

What are you planning on putting your greenhouse on?

A hard-standing such as slabs, blocks, or concrete would give you the perfect support for the life of your greenhouse, always screw your greenhouse to the base below no matter the size or quality.

A perimeter base around the outside where the greenhouse sits can allow you to grow in the soil inside, or perhaps a path up the middle with gravel or raised beds on each side. 

A fully slabbed base throughout gives a nice clean environment and reduces the number of bugs that will want to make your greenhouse their home.

Most aluminium greenhouses will come with an integral or separate base that will allow you to put the greenhouse straight onto a prepared soil area. 

Corner posts are provided so you can dig a hole and fill it with concrete (Postcrete is an easy and cheap option available from most DIY shops). This is by far the most cost-effective option and gives you the option to grow in soil or perhaps slabs or gravel inside, so you are not standing on wet soil. Wooden greenhouses are not suitable for soil and have to go on a hard-standing floor.

Installation - Consider size, Doors, and Gutters

Many of the aluminium greenhouses have an installation option available in the dropdown boxes if you would prefer not to have to install it yourself. If one is not showing, we still may be able to help, so give us a call.

All the wooden models we sell have installation included.

Full instructions and fixings are provided with every aluminium greenhouse and are a very achievable project for most people. No experience is needed, and installing your own greenhouse can be very rewarding. Our advice is to take your time and don't treat it as a race!

Greenhouse Glazing - Horticultural Glass vs Polycarbonate vs Toughened Safety Glass

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural Glass is the lowest-priced glazing material, supplied in 2-foot square panes (or smaller). This does the job very well and can easily be obtained from local glaziers, should you need to replace broken panes in the future.

The downside to Horticultural glass is that it breaks much easier than toughened glass. The panes also have sharp edges, and because of their size, they need to overlap each other. If a pane is broken it can break into dangerous shapes, so it is not suitable when children or less able people are around.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is supplied in long panes (usually with a joining strip to allow for the triangle shapes) and has no overlaps. It's much stronger than horticultural glass, and each pane has rounded edges so you will not cut yourself picking it up. All the toughened glass we supply is British Standard safety glass that will granulate into small pieces greatly minimising the chance of injury.

Shop all toughened glass greenhouses here.

Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate glazing is the ultimate in safety and has good insulation properties. The downsides are that it is semi-opaque (milky) and has little weight to it. Polycarbonate panels will flex in the wind and can be blown out in windy conditions, so we only recommend this option for sheltered positions. 

These are perfect for an alotment, or where you think there may be a high chance of smashed panes.

These are sometimes known as plastic greenhouses or a polycarbonate greenhouses.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Each model has at least one roof window (the larger the greenhouse the more you are supplied as standard). You can make these automatically open by temperature by adding an auto vent to each window you want to be automatic too. Slatted louvres are available lower down the sides of the building to add low airflow, and these can also be made automatic by adding auto louvres.

Think carefully about the windows and louvres, as it is very difficult to add these after installation. Ideally, a 6x8ft greenhouse would have 1 or 2 windows and 1 or 2 louvres, whereas an 8x12ft model would benefit from 2-4 roof windows and 1-4 louvres. If you are prepared to open the doors on hot days, you may get away with less.

Warm air rises and is expelled through the roof windows, and louvres draw in cooler air from outside the greenhouse, which then has the benefit of circulating the air inside. Each greenhouse will have recommended auto vents/auto louvres that will fit correctly.

Greenhouse Staging & Shelving

Assuming normal use, you will be doing all sorts of potting and planting in your greenhouse, so you will need staging or benches to work on. You'll also want places for storing all your tools and equipment.

Each greenhouse has its own recommended staging/shelving, some are free-standing while others are a strong cantilever design that fixes to the frame. 

Every greenhouse page has full photos and explanations of the dropdown boxes.

Greenhouse Water Butts & Heaters

Water butts are a great way to make use of the water that lands on your greenhouse roof, using the guttering to feed it into the tank. This can then be used to water your plants in your greenhouse, either manually or using an automatic watering system.

Heaters, on the other hand, are essential if you're growing plants over winter, or starting new seeds in the spring. This is particularly true in the UK, as it gets really cold at night, which may kill your plants if they're not protected. This will increase the costs when growing flowers and herbs, so if you want a more affordable or inexpensive way of growing them, then choose varieties that can be started in the warmer months.

Greenhouse Accessories

Every greenhouse has lots of options to customise it to your preferred specifications. Lots of accessories are available which will all fit that exact greenhouse, and you can see those in the drop-down boxes on the product page. Whether you want a heater or thermometer we have got you covered!

Shop The Greenhouse Sale Above

Hopefully, you now have a bit more information than when you first thought of "discount greenhouses", but if you still have queries or would like some advice, we are here to help. Scroll back up to browse greenhouse sales and discounts to buy our products online today. Checkout now and you'll be growing vegetables in your new growhouse in no time. 

We like to think there is nobody more experienced than ourselves to help you choose the exact greenhouse you require...we welcome any questions!

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