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Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses for sale online now, including our large, small & mini wood greenhouses made from quality timber frames, available with your choice of free-standing or lean to styles, plus we have Free UK Delivery & Installation on all models in the range!

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Swallow 4ft Wide Lark
4ft7"  Wide Multiple Length's NEW!
Excellent quality Thermowood timber small wood greenhouse
Clearview Sussex
4ft8" Wide in multiple  length 's .
All the Clearview quality in a smaller wooden model!
Swallow 5ft Wide Robin

5ft8"  Wide Multiple Length's NEW!
Top quality 5ft wide models
Uncommon Width!

Clearview Lancashire
5ft7" Wide in multiple length's.
Very practical size - Fully Installed!
Swallow 6ft Wide Kingfisher

6ft8"  Wide
Excellent wooden greenhouses.
Popular customer choice.

Clearview Wiltshire
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Fantastic quality, with a great price tag!
Clearview Aylesworth
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
NEW for 2019 - Fully Installed!
Modern design - Quality & Affordability
Clearview Cheshire
7ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Hand made in the UK. Fully Installed!
8ft Wide Swallow Raven
8ft9" Wide Multiple Length's.
Top quality, hand made, delivered and installed.


Clearview Hampshire
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Designed and built for the customer by skilled craftsmen.
Clearview Chatsworth
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
NEW for 2019 - Fully Installed!
Glass To Floor - Quality - Great Price!
Dwarf Wall Lancashire
5ft7" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf wall version of the Clearview Lancashire.
Dwarf Wall Swallow 6ft Wide Kingfisher
6ft8"  Wide Dwarf Wall
Quality wooden dwarf wall greenhouse from Swallow.
Fully installed!
Dwarf Wall Wiltshire
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf wall version of the Clearview Wiltshire.
Dwarf Wall Cheshire
7ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf Wall Cheshire. Fully Installed!
Dwarf Wall Swallow 8ft Wide Raven

8ft9"  Wide
Quality Thermowood Dwarf Wall from Swallow.
Fully installed!

Dwarf Wall Hampshire
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf Wall version of the wooden Clearview Hampshire.
8ft Wide Swallow Victorian Eagle

8ft 3"  Wide
Victorian style top of the range greenhouse. Beautifully made to the highest standard with lots of features.

Clearview Buckinghamshire
NEW FOR 2017
8ft2" Wide in multiple length's.
Edwardian Style feature greenhouse.
13ft Wide Falcon

13ft1" Wide
Very large greenhouse, well made and fully installed.

Clearview Oxfordshire Potting Store
NEW FOR 2017
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Unique new design - the Potting Store is very practical.
Clearview Cambridgeshire Potting Store
NEW FOR 2019
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Unique design - Greenhouse With Dedicated Potting Side.
Swallow 6ft Wide Jay Potting Shed

6ft Wide
Perfect for growing and storage, Swallow have designed this dual purpose shed and greenhouse.

Swallow 8ft wide Rook Potting Shed

8ft Wide
Larger version of this top quality potting shed.

Swallow Cygnet T-Shaped

Wooden orangery style T-Shaped 6ft wide greenhouses

Swallow Mallard T-Shaped

Wooden orangery style T-Shaped 8ft wide greenhouses

Swallow Swan T-Shaped

Largest Wooden orangery style T-Shaped 8ft wide greenhouses

best wooden greenhouseBest Wooden Greenhouse

Here we go over the best types of wooden greenhouses available right now, depending on your budget and size constraints.

Click on the links above to see more about the greenhouses.

light coloured wooden greenhouseWhat is a Wooden Greenhouse?

Wooden greenhouses are simply normal greenhouses made with treated timber. They are more traditional than an aluminium greenhouse, and they tend to be a lot heavier, which can make them more difficult to build. The wood is treated to be weather resistant, to allow them to be left outside all year round. Most people prefer the look of a wooden greenhouse, and they fit nicely into a natural setting. You can either assemble them yourselves, or use the included installation service.


narrow light green wooden greenhouseSmall Greenhouses

Choosing a smaller wooden greenhouse makes sense when space is limited, and luckily we have a broad range of styles for you to choose from.

The narrow nature of these wooden greenhouses, means that they don't overwhelm a smaller garden space, while still giving you room to do garden tasks and pot on plants.

The popular smaller greenhouse ranges include the Swallow 4ft Lark, the Clearview Sussex, and the Swallow 5ft Robin ranges.

large t-shaped wooden greenhouseLarge Greenhouses

A large wooden greenhouse is spectacular, representing a large structure and focal point of your garden.

Many people enjoy the Victorian style of some of the larger wooden greenhouses, and your choice of colour means you can achieve that classic white wooden look.

Some fairly large ranges include the 8ft Swallow Victorian Eagle, and the Clearview Cambridgeshire Potting Sheds, but if you want to go really big, then check out the 13ft Wide Falcon range, or the T-shaped Swallow Swaon Wooden Orangery, and the Swallow Mallard ranges.

wooden victorian greenhouseTraditional Victorian Greenhouses

A traditional Victorian wooden greenhouse looks fantastic, and typically have tall eaves, with lots of panes, making for a spectacular looking greenhouse.

Some of our range is tailored to this style, including the Swallow Eagle Victorian Style range, and the Clearview Buckinghamshire Dwarf Wall range.

white wooden lean to greenhouseLean To Greenhouses

A lean to wooden greenhouse has the benefit of taking up less space, and utilising the heat of the structure it leans against (making for cheaper heating costs in winter).

Our range includes several wooden lean-to's, including the Swallow Dove 6ft range, and the 4ft Wide Swallow Finch range.

wooden potting shed greenhouseWooden Potting Shed

For those that can't choose between the practicality of the shed and the planting functionality of a greenhouse, choose a wooden potting shed greenhouse!

Wooden potting sheds have one side fully boarded like a shed, where you can organise and store tools, as well as have shelving / staging. The other side is fully glazed, allowing you to pot on and grow plants, ensuring they receive excellent amounts of sunlight.

Some popular potting sheds include the Swallow Jay 6ft range, and the Clearview Oxfordshire range.

dwarf wall wooden greenhouseDwarf Wall Greenhouse

A dwarf wall wooden greenhouse has a small wall running along the edge, with the rest of the height made from a traditional greenhouse material.

These are excellent at providing more insulation, and look very stylish too.

Our popular wooden dwarf wall greenhouses include the Swallow Mallard T-Shaped range, and the Dwarf Wall Hampshire range.


The most traditional greenhouse staging is certainly made from wood, and you will find a lot of these greenhouses come with the option to add staging as part of the order.

Simply choose the type you want from the drop down box on each greenhouse product.



George, 22/05/2020, reviewed the Swallow 6'-8 x 10'-5 Kingfisher

"The Greenhouse was erected in just over an hour on the base I had prepared and it was truly amazing to see the guys in action. The greenhouse itself has definitely exceeded my expectations. Having had aluminium greenhouses in the past I would definitely recommend anyone to seriously think about a wooden greenhouse."

Jan, 15/03/2020, reviewed the Clearview 5'-9" x 8'-5" Lancashire

"I am absolutely delighted with my new greenhouse. The installation was very impressive, they even touched up a few marks with paint and left us with a small pot of extra paint plus a brush! Dedication to the job. The quality is amazing and the price was excellent value, especially bearing in mind it included delivery and put it up and it even has an auto opener. I’ve seen painted wooden greenhouses like this elsewhere for double or triple the price. I ordered a high shelf as an extra and it was well worth it. I could not be more pleased and I am so glad I ordered from this company."

Robert, 21/07/2020, reviewed the Clearview 6'-8" x 6'-4" Wiltshire

"We would have no hesitation in recommending this greenhouse. It is much nicer than in the pictures, really well constructed and the team that put it up were wonderful, answered all our questions and gave us a laugh along with it, really nice people and they made sure everything was nice and clean too and tidied up after themselves. We couldn't be happier.​ "

South West Greenhouses are rated 4.94/5 based on 2187 reviews.

UK Delivery & Installation

We offer free UK delivery and free installation on all wooden greenhouses, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote).


What Types of Wood Are These Greenhouses Made From?

Our wooden greenhouse range are made from treated timber. The type differs per brand:

  • Swallow Frame: Thermowood

  • Clearview Frames: Redwood Pine

Both of these have been treated to ensure they last a long time outdoors, and you can find more information about them on each product page.

How to Move a Greenhouse?

You can dismantle and move a wooden greenhouse just like you would any other greenhouse. You can read our full article on dismantling a greenhouse here.

Are Wooden Greenhouses Good?

Wooden greenhouses have many positives that would make you consider them as "good". They insulate well, so will keep your greenhouse warmer in the winter than aluminium. They look more traditional, and so will fit better into most garden styles. Damaged parts are also very easy to replace, even if the manufacturer no longer makes them in the future. They will feel more sturdy, and can also handle larger and more complexed designs.

Need More Help? Contact South West Greenhouses

We know shopping for a wooden greenhouse might be overwhelming, which is why our helpful team is always on hand to help you make an informed decision.

You can submit your question on our contact page form here, or email us at and even call us on 01225 710479.