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Clearview Greenhouses - UK Made With Pride

Clearview greenhouses are a UK family run business who's business ethos is to produce a top quality product at a sensible affordable price whilst delivering a first class customer service. All Clearview wooden greenhouses are delivered and installed directly in to your garden so you only need to worry about what you will be growing!

Each greenhouse comes included with many extra's as standard including staging, autovents, antique style handle, toughened glass, damp proof barrier and to add a Victorian feel is a very attractive handcrafted cresting down the ridge of your greenhouse.

Choose between the 6ft 8" wide Wiltshire model with single door, or the larger 8ft 9" wide Hampshire with double doors. Both of these are available in sizes from 4ft to 20ft long and can be accessorised to your needs with extra's such as ornate Victorian openers, guttering and combination sheds.

Choose from the natural quality treated timber or at an exceptionally affordable price you can have your green house painted to one of 7 high quality attractive colours.

Available as standard free standing buildings which are boarded at the bottom, or choose to have a dwarf wall option where Clearview will provide a window cill with damp proof underneath.

Our View
Wow we think these Clearview greenhouses are exceptional, high quality with a fantastic price tag! the painted models look stunning and fully installed in the price!

Clearview Wiltshire
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Fantastic quality wooden greenhouse with a great price tag!
Clearview Hampshire
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Designed and built for the customer by skilled craftsmen.
Dwarf Wall Wiltshire
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf wall version of the Clearview Wiltshire.
Dwarf Wall Hampshire
8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf Wall version of the wooden Clearview Hampshire.
Clearview Sussex
NEW FOR 2017
4ft8" Wide in multiple  length 's .
All the Clearview quality in a smaller model!
Clearview Oxfordshire Potting Store
NEW FOR 2017
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Unique new design - the Potting Store is very practical.
Clearview Suffolk Potting Shed
NEW FOR 2017
6ft8" Wide in multiple length's.
Fantastic quality wooden potting shed!
Clearview Buckinghamshire
NEW FOR 2017
8ft2" Wide in multiple length's.
Edwardian Style feature greenhouse.