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Elite Thyme dwarf wall greenhouse
Thursday, 2 July 2020  |  Kathryn

Firstly my thanks to Adrian at SW Greenhouses who answered my many questions and helped me to ensure I choose the right specification. Polite, friendly and professional - customer service at its best. The greenhouse is top quality, a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structure that adds to the gardens interest rather than being one of those that people try to hide behind a hedge or trellis. Elite contacted me to arrange delivery and this went smoothly. It wasn’t the easiest to erect and the instructions were not particularly intuitive, however allow double the time you anticipate or pay for a professional installation! I would highly recommend SW Greenhouses and Elite. Thank you.

Not for the faint hearted.
Sunday, 28 June 2020  |  Linda

The greenhouse took 2 very capable and knowledgeable men 3 days to erect . The instructions are clearly not written by a person who has attempted to erect the structure. It is not shown anywhere whether the instructions are to be read viewing the greenhouse from the outside looking in or the inside looking out: such a simple thing to clarify from the outset. The information regarding when to fit the additional bolts needed to secure the window frame and roof cross struts should be visible when erecting the side frames, but it is shown much later, this necessitates disassembling work already done - ridiculous . The overall dimensions given as advertised were inaccurate, so if you are putting a concrete base down be aware that the greenhouse is bigger than the advertised 12' x 8'. The door handle did not fit because of the powder coating on the frame. Neither do the two clips that secure the door handle in place, we had to drill the door plate to make them fit. The glass for the side vents were 10mm too small and had to be secured in place by silicone. The black plastic spacers used to fit the acrylic curved panels to the glass were badly bent and warped, these had to left in the sun to soften and be re-shaped. The glass pack as delivered is extremely heavy, impossible to move without MHE and therefore a health and safety issue - this needs to be split into smaller packs to allow safe handling. During the erection and the many discussions, and re-work that was done, and frustration with the lack of information supplied, I wished I hadn't ordered it. Looks good now its completed. Worth the money? Possibly! Worth the hassle of the erection - definitely not.

Excellent service
Saturday, 20 June 2020  |  Angela

Delivered earlier than expected and assembled quickly and efficiently. Superb quality and craftsmanship. I would certainly recommend this greenhouse to anyone.

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Wood has excellent insulation properties and helps to maintain a constant internal temperature.

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Buy Greenhouses online with Free Delivery across the UK, many brands and sizes in stock now. Our greenhouse range is high quality, with a diverse selection including; aluminium, small, large, wooden, mini, lean-to, Victorian, polycarbonate, wooden lean to, traditional, wide, bespoke, and commercial. We stock the best loved greenhouses in the UK. All gardeners need a greenhouse! You can choose the size of your greenhouse, including large, and small. Commercial greenhouses are extra large for growing plants, and a small greenhouse provides a compact place to grow at home. Our greenhouse glazing: you can choose between horticultural glass, toughened glass, or polycarbonate.

Our greenhouses come in a variety of sizes, including 4ft wide, 5ft wide, 6ft wide, 7ft wide, 8ft wide, 9ft wide, 10ft wide, and larger. They are custom made for you with many options, from many of the largest greenhouse brands in the UK. Mini greenhouses are useful for smaller spaces. Feel free to contact us for information about greenhouses and glasshouses. You can also shop traditional greenhouses, and other beautiful greenhouses.

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We stock all popular brands, including Elite, Halls, Swallow, Clearview, Evika, Juliana, and Eden. Add a custom greenhouse kit to your backyard today, for sale with installation on a lot of models. Where Can I See an Elite Greenhouse on Display Near Me? South West Greenhouses! Quality greenhouses on offer at great prices, better than cheap greenhouses. We've been selling greenhouses for years, from major manufacturers and proud to be one of the top rated online stores. Our small greenhouses are perfect for when space is limited, including a range of greenhouses and cold frames/wall gardens.

Our range includes traditional shaped greenhouses. Lean to greenhouses are just as strong as our larger ranges, and you can customise the same extras as freestanding versions. Shop greenhouses at reasonable prices today, here at South West Greenhouses (

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Shop other types, including: Mini Greenhouses, Plastic Greenhouses, Polycarbonate Greenhouses, Allotment Greenhouses, Greenhouses For Sale, Greenhouse Buyers Guide, Greenhouses Northern Ireland, Victorian Greenhouses, Toughened Glass Greenhouses, and 8x6 Greenhouses.

Wooden Greenhouses are excellent garden storage with a traditional style, and we have offers on all products so you can order online with confidence. If you can't find what you're looking for, simply use the search feature above. Our metal/aluminium range is perfect for a weatherproof solution, and we have all of the greenhouse kits, shelving, staging, and other cold frames you could need to get gardening this year.

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6 x 4 Halls Silver Aluminium Popular

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Clearview 6'-8'' x 10'-6'' Aylesworth

Clearview 6'-8" x 10'-6" Aylesworth£1,515.00  -  £1,904.00

Clearview 8'-9'' x 10'-6'' Hampshire

Clearview 8'-9" x 10'-6" Hampshire£2,266.00  -  £2,946.00

Clearview 6'-8'' x 10'-6'' Suffolk

Clearview 6'-8" x 10'-6" Suffolk£2,118.00  -  £2,753.00