Large Greenhouses

Our large greenhouses are perfect for growing large amounts of plants, fruit, and vegetables, with greenhouse widths from 10ft, 12ft, and 13ft, a large selection of lengths, and high eaves for plenty of room.

You have a choice of materials, with large wooden greenhouses and large aluminium greenhouses (aluminium can be powder coated into many different colours). Our range comes with Free UK Delivery. Shop the full range online below, or see more details on types here.

Elite Aluminium Supreme
Elite Aluminium Supreme

10ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
The Elite Supreme is for the experienced grower with bigger ideas. With two 5 blade louvres, an 8’ shelf and 3’ wide double doors, this greenhouse is high performance and practical.

Elite Powder Coated Supreme
Elite Powder Coated Supreme

10ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Painted version of the Supreme. Contains amazing growing space. Elite recommend installing a brick base for extra stability and strength.

Elite Large Classique
Elite Large Classique

12ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
The Classique is a professional growers choice, and offers an enormous growing area. Double doors, a choice of powder coated finishes and a superb range of accessories.

Powder Coated Classique
Powder Coated Classique

12ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Painted version of the stunning and practical Classique. Elite recommend building a brick base for extra stability and strength.

Elite 10ft Wide Aluminium Titan
Elite 10ft Wide Aluminium Titan

10ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Premium greenhouse.
Elite's top of the range Titan 10ft wide model, large on space and using latest technology for exceptional strength at a surprisingly affordable price!

Elite 10ft Wide Powder Coated Titan
Elite 10ft Wide Powder Coated Titan

10ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Premium greenhouse.
Elite's 10ft wide Titan in its painted form. If strength combined with looks are your primary concern these attractive large greenhouses will suit your needs.

Elite 12ft Wide Aluminium Titan
Elite 12ft Wide Aluminium Titan

12ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Premium greenhouse.
Elite's biggest Titan! Huge growing area with an extra strong frame and quality features as standard.

Elite 12ft Wide Powder Coated Titan
Elite 12ft Wide Powder Coated Titan

12ft5" wide in multiple lengths.
Premium greenhouse.
Painted model of the vast 12ft Titan. Cantilever bracing, block bars, weatherproof seal, bar capping, 10 blade louvre and lots more as standard!

13ft Wide Falcon
13ft Wide Falcon
13ft1" Wide
Very large greenhouse, well made and fully installed.
Dwarf Wall Hampshire
Dwarf Wall Hampshire8ft9" Wide in multiple length's.
Dwarf Wall version of the wooden Clearview Hampshire.
Dwarf Wall Swallow 8ft Wide Raven
Dwarf Wall Swallow 8ft Wide Raven

8ft9"  Wide
Quality Thermowood Dwarf Wall from Swallow.
Fully installed!

Clearview Buckinghamshire
Clearview Buckinghamshire8ft2" Wide in multiple length's.
Edwardian Style feature greenhouse.
8ft Wide Swallow Victorian Eagle
8ft Wide Swallow Victorian Eagle

8ft 3"  Wide
Victorian style top of the range greenhouse. Beautifully made to the highest standard with lots of features.

Swallow Swan T-Shaped
Swallow Swan T-Shaped

Largest Wooden orangery style T-Shaped 8ft wide greenhouses

Types of Large Greenhouses

Here are the most popular types of large greenhouse we offer:

Large Lean To Greenhouses

If you have a long but narrower space for your greenhouse, then a large lean to is perfect.large black lean to greenhouse in garden with plants growing

They can maximise the efficiency by using the heat of the building they're leant against, or simply used against a wall.

You can browse all large lean to greenhouses here.

Large Aluminium Greenhouses

Aluminium greenhouses are lightweight, weatherproof options for your garden or allotment, offering lots of flexibility in style, size, and colour.Large brown aluminium greenhouse with plants growing

Here are some popular greenhouses that come with an aluminium frame (powder coated versions offer colour customisation):

- Elite Powder Coated Supreme

- Elite 10ft Wide Aluminium Titan / Powder Coated 10ft Titan

- Elite Classique / Powder Coated Classique

- Elite 12ft Wide Aluminium Titan / Powder Coated 12ft Titan

- Eden Bourton Range (10ft Wide, 12ft - 20ft in Length)

- Another popular choice is the 10x8 Elite Supreme Greenhouse

Large Wooden Greenhouses

For a traditional greenhouse, you can't get much better than a wooden frame.large light brown wooden greenhouse with victorian glazing

These are timeless, blending in perfectly with a natural setting.

Some of our larger wooden greenhouses are the 8ft Swallow Victorian Eagle, and the Clearview Cambridgeshire Potting Sheds, but we also stock very large products like the 13ft Wide Falcon, or the T-shaped Swallow Swaon Wooden Orangery, and the Swallow Mallard ranges.

Large Freestanding Greenhouses

A large freestanding greenhouse is simple a greenhouse that isn't a lean-to, so most of the range above would be considered freestanding.

Large Polycarbonate Greenhouses

A large polycarbonate greenhouse is simply a large greenhouse that uses polycarbonate glazing, and we have this option on all of our products - simply select it from the glazing options on the product page.

Polycarbonate glazing is the safest choice, as it cannot shatter into dangerous pieces.

This is also known as a plastic greenhouse.

large dwarf wall greenhouse in greenLarge Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses are the type with the brick wall around the edge that adds a unique and sturdy quality to them.

Some of our biggest dwarf wall greenhouses are the 8ft Wide Painted Dwarf Wall Elite Thyme and the Swallow Swan Wooden Orangery T-Shaped Greenhouses.

14ft wide swallow falcon greenhouse wooden in gardenBest Large Greenhouses

Here are our recommended types of largest greenhouses by different criteria:

- Best Large Wooden Greenhouse: Swallow Falcon 13ft Wide

- Best Large Lean To Greenhouse: 8ft Wide Titan Kensington Aluminium (and painted option)

- Best Large Aluminium Greenhouse: Elite Classique / Powder Coated Classique

large greenhouse black in gardenWhat is a Large Greenhouse?

A large greenhouse (or glasshouse) is considered to be any greenhouse that's over 8ft x 8ft, but tends to be greenhouses in the 10ft+ width range. The frame can be made from aluminium or wood, and the glazing can be toughened glass, polycarbonate glazing, or horticultural glass.

They are the perfect greenhouse when you have plenty of space in a large garden and need a larger growing area. They can have extra width to make a very wide greenhouse, or extra length to create a long and narrow greenhouse. Ideal for growing a large amount of vegetables like tomato and cucumber plants.

How much does a large greenhouse cost?

A 10ft wide large aluminium greenhouse from Elite can start at around £695, whilst the top end of 13ft Wide Swallow Large Wooden Greenhouses can reach around £15,000 (at the maximum length of 37ft).


Here are the glazing options you have with our large greenhouses, which you can choose on each product page:

Toughened Glass

Toughened safety glass is by far the most popular choice, because it offers the traditional appearance, the clear nature of glass, and it's far safer than the weaker horticultural glass in case of accidents.

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural glass is for when you're on a budget, and you don't expect common accidents to occur that may damage the glass. It shatters into dangerous pieces, so a lot of care and attention is needed.

Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate glazing is the safest option you can choose, as plastic will not shatter into dangerous shards. There is a downside however, as the clarity of polycarbonate is not great. It's also not recommended in very exposed areas.


Here are the accessories that you can either add to your product or buy separately.


It's especially important to ventilate a large greenhouse, and you have the option to add extra roof windows, auto vents, and other ventilation controls.


Heating is important during the cold months, and heating a larger area is expensive, so make sure you also pair it with proper insulation.

You can browse our heaters here.

Shelving/Staging - Maximise Your Available Space

You can select extra staging on the product pages, to customise number of slats and materials - perfect for storing planting materials and young plants.


Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

David, 20th July 2020, reviewed the Swallow 6'-7 x 10'-5 Starling Lower Roof Lean To

"Great quality greenhouse and put up very carefully. Excellent job!"

Kathryn, 2nd July 2020, reviewed the 6x12 Elite Dwarf Wall Thyme Painted Finish

"Firstly my thanks to Adrian at SW Greenhouses who answered my many questions and helped me to ensure I choose the right specification. Polite, friendly and professional - customer service at its best. The greenhouse is top quality, a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structure that adds to the gardens interest rather than being one of those that people try to hide behind a hedge or trellis. Elite contacted me to arrange delivery and this went smoothly. It wasn't the easiest to erect and the instructions were not particularly intuitive, however allow double the time you anticipate or pay for a professional installation! I would highly recommend SW Greenhouses and Elite. Thank you."

John, 6th November 2015, reviewed the 8 x 10 Halls Silver Aluminium Universal With Base

"This is a wonderful Greenhouse, very competitively priced, slightly bigger than advertised dimensions .. which is great. This Greenhouse is very tall, so ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers and even vines. I took delivery in October, so just have some cuttings and winter seedlings in at present, but very much looking forward to next Spring."

UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all large greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.

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