Aluminium Mini Greenhouses

Mini aluminium greenhouses are perfect for a small growing space that can be left outside all year. Aluminium is weatherproof and won't rust, and it also makes it lightweight enough to move around should you need to.

Browse our range below, from very small cold frames, to slightly larger mini greenhouses.

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2x4 Elite Easygrow Lean To Greenhouse
2x4 Elite Easygrow Lean To Greenhouse
£349.00  -  £479.00
2x6 Elite Easygrow Lean To
£385.00  -  £579.00
2x8 Elite Easygrow Lean To
£545.00  -  £725.00
4x10 Elite Compact Powder Coated
4x10 Elite Compact Powder Coated
£1,209.00  -  £1,655.00
4x4 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish
£560.00  -  £820.00
4x4 Elite Compact Powder Coated
£790.00  -  £1,054.00
4x6 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish
£590.00  -  £890.00
4x6 Elite Compact Powder Coated
£844.00  -  £1,180.00
4x8 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish
£644.00  -  £964.00
4x8 Elite Compact Powder Coated
£920.00  -  £1,334.00

Very Small Aluminium Growhouses

A greenhouse is designed to help you grow plants, but if you only have a small space, then you'll need a smaller glass growhouse to fit. That being said, you'll still need enough space to grow your plants, vegetables, and flowers properly.

Ideal for a balcony or smaller garden space. Installation is usually very simple, with only a few bolts or fixings to attach, and usually only 1 door maximum.

A cold frame is usually on one level, and so doesn't give you as much flexibility, whereas a mini greenhouse can contain shelves, which allow you to design a growing space depending on your plans - eg growing seedlings on shelves, before removing the shelves to help the young plants grow further. 

Ventilation is usually easier, as you only have a small space. They can also be convenient in winter, as the lightweight nature of aluminium allows you to bring them inside when it gets colder.

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