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Aluminium Greenhouses

An aluminium greenhouse is a popular choice because it's low maintenance. They're available in the natural silver finish (silver is the natural colour of aluminium before it is powder coated), or powder coated aluminium with a coloured finish (such as green). You can choose from a range of sizes (widths/lengths) and types, from small greenhouses, to lean-to greenhouses and larger options. We stock all popular brands such as Halls, Eden, Elite, Evika and Juliana.

Shop our range below - all customisable on the individual product pages. You can learn more about types here.

Halls Greenhouses

Perfect for the amateur and professional alike the Halls range of aluminium metal greenhouses offer a good sturdy frame that is easy to put up, all have an installation option if you would rather a trained installer do the work for you. Halls have been manufacturing greenhouse since the 1930's and they know what makes a good greenhouse! We believe the Halls range offer great value for money.

Eden Greenhouses

All the Eden range including their lean to models have the new Zero Threshold design with absolutely nothing under the door opening and no door runners sticking out. Good height greenhouses made to a high standard. Eden concentrate on the most popular sizes and all models have a good range of accessories to make your greenhouse how you want.

Elite Greenhouses

Elite have perhaps the largest range of aluminium greenhouses available from any manufacturer, all models are well made with high quality materials and an immense choice of options to customise your greenhouse, choose from small models up to extra large ranges, with a huge choice of lean to buildings, Dwarf Wall models, and many more! The Titan ranges use core-vect technology with a high metal content that will withstand the strongest UK winds.

Juliana Greenhouses

Stylish and strong the Juliana range offer something a little different with their silver and black standard finish. Premium aluminium greenhouse models with box section profiles as standard, great spacious sizes and lots of features, the Juliana models have a modern look and feel.


Types of Aluminium Greenhouses

Here are the most popular sub-types of the range:

small aluminium greenhouse in silver next to brick wallSmall Aluminium Greenhouses

If you only have a small space, then it makes sense to choose a greenhouse kit with a smaller footprint.

These greenhouses maximise the available space, and you can customise them with staging and other features. Popular sizes tend to be 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft wide.

These are popular with people on a budget, or for a hobby greenhouse.

Need even smaller? See our mini aluminium greenhouses here.

large silver aluminium greenhouse in gardenLarge Aluminium Greenhouses

For a larger space, or when you need a large growing area, our large aluminium range is perfect.

Measuring from 8ft Wide up to 14ft+ and a large range of lengths, you will be sure to find one that's appropriate to your needs. They can have a single door/double doors, and offer lots of customisation options.

You can browse all large greenhouses here.

brown aluminium lean to greenhouse next to houseAluminium Lean-To Greenhouses

If you have a narrow area, then a lean to greenhouse is ideal.

They are leant against a fixed structure (like the wall of a house) and so can benefit from extra insulation and passive heating.

Some of the lean to products also have curved eaves.

You can browse our aluminium lean to greenhouses here.

white dwarf wall aluminium greenhouse in gardenAluminium Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

A dwarf wall greenhouse has a brick base that reaches part way up the height of the greenhouse, with an aluminium frame on top of that.

They are very unique in style, and are sturdier due to this solid base.

You can browse all dwarf wall greenhouses here.

white victorian style aluminium greenhouse in gardenAluminium Victorian Greenhouses

Nothing looks grander than the Victorian style greenhouse in your garden, characterised by the high eaves and elegant framework.

You can browse all aluminium Victorian greenhouses here.

Aluminium Cold Frames

For a very small option, we have aluminium cold frames, that can site on your patio area or sometimes inside, helping to provide a small growing space that's portable too.

You can browse all cold frames here.

Freestanding Aluminium Greenhouses / Walk-in

A freestanding greenhouse is simply one that doesn't lean against a wall or structure, and so the majority of our aluminium greenhouses fit this property.

They could all be considered "Walk-in greenhouses" too, because you can walk inside them.

Greenhouse Sizes

Our aluminium range comes in a variety of sizes, from narrow 4ft wide greenhouses like the Elite Aluminium Compact, up to the largest 12ft Wide Elite Aluminium Titan range. The length of these greenhouses can be customised, with many ranging from 6ft to 20ft+ in length.

Aluminium Colours

Different brands have different colour options for you to choose from.

We've summarised the selection for each colour below:


Silver is the natural colour of aluminium, so nearly all ranges come with this option.

Ignore the powder coated or painted options, as these won't be silver.

The Halls Popular is a well liked silver option that's only 6ft wide, but you can go up to any size you like, including the 8ft Wide Eden Blockley, and the 12ft Wide Elite Classique.


Nearly all aluminium greenhouses that are powder coated will have the option of green, as it's by far the most popular colour, because it blends in with natural surroundings.

The Halls Green Supreme is a good 6ft Wide option, and any of the powder coated options on the Elite Greenhouse page will have green as an option.

Red, Black, Brown, White, Navy, and more.

Nearly all of the powder coated Elite Greenhouses have 9 different colour options, including Berry (red), Black, Brown, White, Navy, and more.


We stock aluminium greenhouses from all of the top manufacturers, including Eden, Halls, Elite, Evika, and Juliana.

Elite 4ft windsor lean to greenhouseBest Aluminium Greenhouses

Here are our top picks for aluminium greenhouse by sub-type:

- Best Aluminium Lean To Greenhouse: Elite 4ft Wide Windsor Lean To

- Best Small Aluminium Greenhouse: Elite Aluminium Compact

- Best Large Aluminium Greenhouse: Powder Coated Elite Classique

- Best Dwarf Wall Aluminium Greenhouse: 6ft Wide Elite Thyme Dwarf Wall

green aluminium greenhouse in gardenWhat is an Aluminium Greenhouse?

An aluminium greenhouse (sometimes called a metal greenhouse) is a greenhouse that's made from an aluminium frame and an aluminium base. This material is popular because it doesn't rust, and so is more weather resistant than using steel, which is important as greenhouses are left outside all year round.

There are often more colour options with an aluminium greenhouse when compared with a wooden one, with powder coated frames having up to 9 different colour options.

Aluminium is also lighter than wood, making it easier to manoeuvre and assemble.


Here are the glazing systems available on our aluminium range:

Toughened Glass

Toughened safety glass is the best option for most people, because it combines a clear glass that both looks traditional, and is safer because it shatters differently than other glass.

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural glass is the cheapest option, but with that comes with some downsides. The main one is the dangerous nature of the glass if it's damaged, which can shatter into jagged pieces.

Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate panels are the safest glazing option because plastic doesn't shatter like glass, but you don't get the nice clear appearance that glass provides.

A greenhouse with polycarbonate glazing is known as a polycarbonate greenhouse.


You have lots of accessory options with your aluminium greenhouse:


You can customise the ventilation options such as roof vents, auto vents/automatic openers, and windows. Very important for controlling heat and air circulation in the summer.


Greenhouse heaters are very important in the winter months, to stop plants being damaged by extreme cold.

Shelving/Staging - Maximise Your Available Space

You can have the option of adding aluminium staging to your greenhouse on the individual product pages, useful for storing plants and growing equipment.

You can also customise the sliding door on some variants.


Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

John, 10th June 2020, reviewed the 4x8 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish

"Excellent service from SWG, advised of delivery date and the greenhouse arrived a day earlier. Although I am a keen DIYer, the instructions sometimes were a bit of a challenge, however my wife was on hand to help! Also good support from Elite as needed. On my own it took about 18 hours in total to complete the build and it was easy to secure to my ready made base. Some areas of the instructions could have been a bit more explanatory (e.g Highlighting when extra bolts need to be inserted would have helped), but good when you figure it out. Only criticism is the door handles, did not fit them, will look for something locally a bit more friendly".

George, 22nd May 2020, reviewed the Swallow 6'-8 x 10'-5 Kingfisher

"The Greenhouse was erected in just over an hour on the base I had prepared and it was truly amazing to see the guys in action. The greenhouse itself has definitely exceeded my expectations. Having had aluminium greenhouses in the past I would definitely recommend anyone to seriously think about a wooden greenhouse."

Liam, 10th April 2020, reviewed the Swallow 6'-7 x 10'-5 Starling Lower Roof Lean To

"We had been waiting until nice weather to put this up. Very happy with the build quality of the components, the finished greenhouse is better than we expected."

UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all aluminium greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.

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