4ft x 4ft Greenhouses

Shop 4x4 greenhouses online at unbeatable prices. Free UK Delivery. Idea for small growing spaces in gardens, patios, and balconies. Wooden and aluminium greenhouses. Shop the range below.
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4x4 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish
£560.00  -  £820.00
4x4 Elite Compact Powder Coated
£790.00  -  £1,054.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 4'-3" Sussex
£1,991.00  -  £2,553.00
Swallow 4'-7 x 4'-3 Lark
£2,861.00  -  £3,252.00

4x4 greenhouses measure 4ft wide and 4ft deep, offering a compact growing space that's ideal for a small garden, patio, or balcony area. Our range includes both wooden and aluminium framed 4x4 greenhouses, available with free delivery across the UK.

You can customise them with extras, including colours, glazing, staging, gutters, and shelving.

Types of 4x4 Greenhouse

Clearview Sussex Wooden 4x4 GreenhouseWooden 4x4 Greenhouses

We stock a range of wooden-frame 4x4 greenhouses, complete with roof vents, gutters, and other features to help you garden all year long. These hard-wearing products look great, provide easy access to your plants, while keeping them safe inside a wooden greenhouse frame with glass panes.

Elite Compact Aluminium 4x4 GreenhouseAluminium 4x4 Greenhouses

Our range of 4x4 aluminium greenhouses have enough width for you to easily access your plants all year long, and the hard-wearing aluminium frames will ensure both a neater finish and great performance than many other greenhouses.  

Eden Birdlip polycarbonate 4x4 greenhousePolycarbonate 4x4 Greenhouses

We stock a range of polycarbonate 4x4 greenhouses, with UV protected materials to ensure the long wear and great appearance of your greenhouse.  

Swallow Lark 4x4 Glass Paned Wooden GreenhouseGlass 4x4 Greenhouses

Our 4x4 glass greenhouses provide excellent growing conditions for your plants, easy access for you, and look great all year long.

Windsor Elite 4x4 Lean to GreenhouseLean to 4x4 Greenhouses

We stock a range of lean to style greenhouses. Whether set on stone slabs, an integral base, or concrete, these simple structures do a great job of protecting and nurturing your plants - all year long.

Assembled 4x4 Greenhouses

Our assembled 4x4 greenhouses couldn't be easier - just have them delivered and set in place and you are ready to go. Lock them to the ground with your choice of anchors and base, and you're ready to set up your special growing space.

4x4 Greenhouses with Base

We stock a range of 4x4 greenhouses that include a base, so all you need to do is order the one that best suits your needs and have it delivered.

Brands of 4x4 Greenhouses

Halls 4x4 Greenhouses

We stock a wide range of Halls 4x4 greenhouses, with varying ridge heights, accessibility for most wheelchairs or wheelbarrows, and a multi-year guarantee. Get your compact greenhouse today, and get growing for the current season!

Elite 4x4 Greenhouses

Our range includes a variety of Elite 4x4 greenhouses, with louvre windows, great styles, and a multi-year frame guarantee. When the cold weather overlaps with your growing season, an Elite compact greenhouse is a great way to keep your plants safe and productive.

Clearview 4x4 Greenhouses

Our Clearview 4x4 greenhouse range offers a variety of styles and options to suit your needs and taste. High eaves, easy access, and long-pane designs ensure maximum sun capture, all while looking great.

Swallow 4x4 Greenhouses

We stock a range of Swallow 4x4 greenhouses too, with great styles, robust construction, and a multi-year guarantee, you can't go wrong trusting your precious plants to these excellent greenhouses.

4x4 green painted greenhouseWhat is a 4x4 Greenhouse?

A 4x4 greenhouse is a greenhouse that measures 4ft wide by 4ft deep. They are a great addition to a small garden, or for those who only need a small structure tucked away in a larger space. With proper shelves and racking, these little greenhouses can be surprisingly productive and efficient, as well as giving you ample space in which to work. 


Toughened Glass

The most popular choice of clear panes for greenhouses is toughened glass. Toughened glass is, as the name suggests, tough enough to stand up to the buffeting of the weather and even the occasional impact of a tool or falling branch, but it is also among the clearest, most efficient type of panes to use in capturing the power of the sun. Best of all, if there is a break, it shatters into tiny pieces, rather than the more dangerous shards that non-toughened glass can form when breaking.

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural glass can be a lot cheaper than toughened glass, but when it breaks, it can form dangerous shards and slabs of glass - dangerous for both you and your plants! If you choose this economy option, be sure you are extra-careful when working around it.

Polycarbonate Glazing

Whether that is a single wall or twin wall polycarbonate, this clear plastic is the safest way to go, as there is no shatter at all. It is not quite as clear as glass though, and UV damage will occur over time, so it is best used in areas that are not completely exposed.


For the vast majority of our range, you will have the option to customise your order and add accessories, and in some cases another sliding door.


The use of roof vents and ventilation in general is very important in a greenhouse. You have the option to add extra windows, louvre vents, and even auto vents to your order. These all help to control heat and airflow. You can also customise your greenhouse gutters.


For heating, we recommend you browse our greenhouse heaters here.

Shelving/Staging - Maximise Your Available Space

You can customise the shelving included in your greenhouse, to really make the most of the space you have, for the maximum growing space for plant pots, young plants, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables, and any more propagation.


Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

Liam, 10/04/2021 Reviewed the 4x4 Elite Windsor Lean To Aluminium Finish

"We had been waiting until nice weather to put this up. Very happy with the build quality of the components, the finished greenhouse is better than we expected."

Dawn, 07/01/2017 Reviewed the 4x4 Eden Birdlip

"Delivered much sooner than estimated time, only 6 days! Patience needed with putting it up as we found the instructions a bit technical at times. The finished greenhouse is very well made."

Debbie, 14/10/2018 Reviewed the Swallow 4'-7 x 4'-3 Lark

"This was delivered on time and put-together very quickly. The guys that came were friendly and efficient. Love the greenhouse, it looks really classy."

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UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all 4x4 greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.

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