8x6 Greenhouses

Our wide range of 8ft x 6ft greenhouses include greenhouses with wooden or aluminium frames. We have 8x6 polycarbonate, toughened glass, and horticultural glass greenhouses too. 8ft wide x 6ft wide is a popular size of greenhouse, providing lots of growing flexibility. Free UK delivery across the range.

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8x6 Elite Belmont Aluminium Finish
£774.00  -  £1,304.00
8x6 Elite Belmont Painted Finish
£1,180.00  -  £1,680.00
8x6 Elite Featured Dwarf Wall Painted Finish
8x6 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish
£1,715.00  -  £2,149.00
8x6 Elite Kensington Titan Lean To Aluminium Finish
8x6 Elite Thyme Dwarf Wall Painted Finish
8x6 Elite Thyme Painted Finish
£2,179.00  -  £2,505.00
8x6 Elite Kensington Titan Lean To Painted Finish
Clearview 8'-9" x 6'-4" Chatsworth
£2,314.00  -  £2,819.00
8x6 Elite Titan Painted Finish
£2,395.00  -  £2,929.00
Clearview 8'-9" x 6'-4" Cambridgeshire
£2,590.00  -  £3,367.00
Clearview 8'-9" x 6'-4" Hampshire
£2,645.00  -  £3,306.00
Dwarf Wall Clearview 8'-9" x 6'-4" Hampshire
£2,645.00  -  £3,306.00
8x6 Elite Zenith Painted Finish
£3,445.00  -  £3,799.00
Dwarf Wall Swallow 8'-9 x 6'-4 Raven
£3,977.00  -  £4,519.00
Swallow 8'-9 x 6'-4 Raven
£3,977.00  -  £4,519.00
Swallow 8'-9 x 6'-4 Rook Potting Shed
£4,259.00  -  £4,840.00
Swallow 8'-3 x 6'-7 Eagle
£7,685.00  -  £8,733.00

white aluminium 8x6 greenhouse in garden on slabsWhy Choose an 8x6 Greenhouse?

Whether your preference is for using a lot of growbags, shelving, hanging lines or baskets – or a variety of all of these – the 8’x6’ is a great amount of floor space and height. You’ll even have room for a staging bench, and floor space to bring in outdoor plants in anticipation of frost or some other temporary weather danger to your outdoor plants.

If you are just starting out and are looking for a budget-friendly way to set yourself up for greenhouse growing, start with our silver model, featuring horticultural glass. You can consider a bit more investment and look at the 8’x6’ models with toughened glass, too. This increases the safety of the greenhouse in the unlikely case you break a pane with the end of a tall tool, or if that neighbour’s cricket ball comes over the fence again and happens to connect with your new greenhouse. Another benefit of the toughened glass is that it comes in one long pane per panel. This makes it a lot easier to clean your greenhouse, increases its rigidity and better protects from the wind, as well as looking great and letting in an uninterrupted stream of sunlight.

8ft x 6ft Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate glazing is the safest option for a greenhouse, as it won't shatter into any dangerous pieces like glass will.

One fine example of our 8’x6’ polycarbonate greenhouse range is the 8x6 Elite Thyme Painted Finish, which gives you the option of colours including Green, White, and Black.

Most of our polycarbonate greenhouses are also available with glass glazing, including the excellent 8x6 Elite Titan Painted Finish, and the 8x6 Elite Zenith Painted Finish.

green aluminium 8x6 greenhouse with toughened glass in garden8ft x 6ft Toughened Glass Greenhouses

Toughened glass is the best option for when you want the transparent appearance of glass, but with better safety in mind, as safety glass will granulate instead of shattering into dangerous pieces.

Brands such as Elite and Clearview offer some excellent 8’x6’ toughened glass aluminium greenhouses, for greater robustness and additional safety against accidental breakage of the panes. The high eaves of these models look great and let in plenty of sunlight, and the silver or green colours of the frame complement any garden décor.

The 8x6 Elite Belmont Painted Finish is another popular option, and with the choice of green or silver frames, and either toughened or horticultural glass, one of these models will closely fit your needs and preferences.

Interested in a more traditional wooden greenhouse, but with the benefits of modern materials and construction? The Swallow Greenhouses are top of the line wooden greenhouses which feature toughened safety glass and a variety of other excellent options. The Swallow Raven has double doors, if that is your preference, and both the Raven and the Kingfisher models are available in the 8x6 size.

We also stock an 8x6 potting shed, which is the Swallow 8'-9 x 6'-4 Rook Potting Shed.


Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

Ray, 3rd June 2020, reviewed the Swallow 8'-9 x 6'-4 Rook Potting Shed

"The potting shed was delivered on the arranged date, and erected very efficiently. I am delighted with the design, quality, workmanship and functionality of this shed/greenhouse, which complements my existing greenhouse."

Keith, 30th April 2015, reviewed the 8x6 Elite Belmont Painted Finish

"Ordered a standard model with a couple of extra vents. Delivery was ahead of schedule by some 4 weeks. Greenhouse has been assembled and is fully operational. The auto vents have been improved and are well worth investing in. This is a good looking, roomy and sturdy greenhouse."

Peter, 22nd July 2015, reviewed the 8x6 Elite Featured Dwarf Wall Painted Finish

"Good service, good greenhouse, good value for money. What more can i say but thankyou."

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UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all 8x6 greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.


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