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Powder Coated 8ft Wide Thyme

Stunning classic looks coupled with extra strength make the Elite Thyme a popular choice and is arguably one of the most attractive greenhouses available. Supplied in a choice of high quality powder coated paint finishes.

Blending Victorian looks with modern practical features the Thyme uses 12" wide panes of glass rather than the common 24" wide panes used in most greenhouses, this means there are twice as many glazing bars which dramatically improves the buildings strength. Choose between long pane toughened glass or thick 6mm polycarbonate.

Packed with features including tall double sliding doors with low threshold entrance, attractive ridge crestings & finials, 2 louvres, shelf and much more the Elite Thyme will make an excellent addition to your garden.

  • 12" Wide Panes
  • Diamond Shelf
  • Crestings & Finials
  • Tall Double Sliding Doors
  • Integral Gutters
  • Low Threshold Entrance
  • 2x Louvres
  • Cantilever Bracing
  • Powder Coated
  • Integral Base

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Make a statement in your garden and add this stunning looking greenhouse! packed with features the Thyme is also extremely strong.

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8x6 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x6 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£1,539.00  -  £1,759.00

8x6 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x8 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x8 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£1,759.00  -  £2,055.00

8x8 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x10 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x10 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£1,979.00  -  £2,295.00

8x10 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x12 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x12 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£2,295.00  -  £2,559.00

8x12 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x14 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x14 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£2,529.00  -  £2,859.00

8x14 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x16 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x16 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£2,749.00  -  £3,109.00

8x16 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x18 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x18 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£3,189.00  -  £3,509.00

8x18 Elite Powder coated Thyme

8x20 Elite Thyme Painted Finish

8x20 Elite Thyme Painted Finish£3,409.00  -  £3,849.00

8x20 Elite Powder coated Thyme


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items