8ft Wide Powder Coated Featured Dwarf Wall

8ft 5" wide version of the Elite Featured Dwarf Wall.

Using a design of bricks and framework associated with a bygone era the Elite Featured Dwarf Wall uses maintenance free aluminium rather than the cost involved and work involved with a wooden building. Supplied in a choice of high quality powder coated paint finishes.

Designed to go on to a 762mm wall which the greenhouse is then attached. Please do not build your wall until you have received an official Elite base plan.

Double sliding doors with a low threshold for ease of access, cantilever bracing, roof vents, integral gutters as standard.


  • Roof Vents
  • Tall Sliding Door
  • Integral Gutters


  • ​Low Threshold Entrance
  • Cantilever Bracing
  • Powder Coated

Our View

Popular 8ft wide dwarf wall greenhouse from Elite, practical and attractive!