Clearview Sussex Greenhouses - 4ft 8" Wide

Clearview Sussex greenhouses are made in the UK to very high standard and then delivered and installed straight in to your garden.

Exciting new addition to the Clearview range, these are perfect for when space is limited or you simply do not want to take up too much of your garden.

Only quality redwood pine timber is used, this has a tighter grain for stability and fewer smaller knots than the lower grades, treated with next generation Tanalith E preservative for 15 year protection.

Each greenhouse comes included with many extra's as standard including staging, autovents, antique style handle, wooden boarding, toughened glass, damp proof barrier and to add a Victorian feel is a very attractive hand crafted cresting down the ridge of your greenhouse.

4ft 8" wide with a single inward opening door the Sussex small wooden greenhouse is available in 9 lengths up to 21ft long. All models have a range of options available to enable you to make your greenhouse your own.

Choose from the natural top grade treated timber or at an exceptionally affordable price you can have your green house painted to one of 7 high quality attractive colours, Clearview do their own painting and go through a laborious process, starting with a primer coat and then 2 top coats of micro-porous paint that allow the timber to move and breath, also giving extra protection against mould and fungal attack, weathering and UV degradation. All fixings are stainless steel to stop corrosion and rust.

Our View

Clearview have built the Sussex range of greenhouses due to popular demand, 4ft 8" wide and starting at length's of just 4ft3" these will make the most of any available space. Super quality small wooden greenhouses that are functional and attractive!

9 Items
Clearview 4'-8" x 4'-3" Sussex
£1,991.00  -  £2,553.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 6'-4" Sussex
£2,211.00  -  £2,831.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 8'-5" Sussex
£2,497.00  -  £3,245.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 10'-6" Sussex
£2,788.00  -  £3,625.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 12'-8" Sussex
£3,231.00  -  £4,043.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 14'-8" Sussex
£3,424.00  -  £4,461.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 16'-9" Sussex
£3,789.00  -  £4,922.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 18'-10" Sussex
£4,131.00  -  £5,374.00
Clearview 4'-8" x 20'-11" Sussex
£4,363.00  -  £5,674.00