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Where to Put Your Potting Shed and Which Way It Should Face

Wednesday, 26 August 2020  |  Matt

Potting sheds are fantastic additions to any garden, helping you get the most out of your space with a multi-pupose garden structure, to both plant and store tools!

where to put and which way to face a potting shedWhere should you put your potting shed?

You should put your potting shed in a place that's both practical to use, and gets enough sunlight for your plants to grow well. Keeping it out of exposed/windy areas will help with heat retention, which is why many people place their potting sheds against a wall.

If you want to have a nice view while planting and potting up, you should face it towards your favourite end of the garden (as long as it still gets enough light during the day).

Which way should a potting shed face?

As you only receive light from one side, your potting shed windows should face south to get the most light exposure during the day, ensuring the plants still get enough sunlight to grow properly.

This is particularly important during winter, where there is less light during the day.

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