Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan
Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan
Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan
Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan
Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan
Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1  T-Shaped Swan

Main photo shows an 8x26 (4 bays each side of porch) on a dwarf wall.

Swallow 8'-9 x 26'-1 T-Shaped Swan


2 x Payment Options.

1: Choose to pay the full balance with your order via our secure checkout. OR
2: Choose to pay 20% deposit with the balance payable to Swallow on installation. Select the "Wooden Deposit" option when you get to the payment page in the checkout. Deposit paid later when we contact you.

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Lead Times
8-12 Weeks All Finishes
West of A377 Devon
8-12 Weeks
Stylish wooden orangery style greenhouse from Swallow, the Swan is the largest in their range of T-Shaped glass houses and is an impressive looking greenhouse that would compliment any garden. Built to a very high standard and delivered and installed in your garden at the same time by Swallow for a hassle free purchase.

The top of the "T" is 8x26 with the entrance porch protruding in the middle at 8x2 (can be extended) with inward opening double doors and included return staging to both sides of the porch. All sizes are nominal, please see the "Dimensions" tab above for exact measurements.

Swallow T-Shaped Swan 8x26 greenhouses are traditionally built using Thermowood glazing bars of a sturdy 58mm x 32mm thickness. Thermowood is a heat treated timber that is extra strong and durable with a consistent attractive finish. Some of the features that are included in the price are:-
  • Eight roof vents as standard, each with an automatic opener
  • Front Thermowood returned staging on both sides of porch
  • Long pane toughened glass
  • 20mm PVC damp proof barrier
  • Full guttering system
  • Delivered and installed by Swallow

Swallow greenhouses have a high eaves height for more comfortable working space, are boarded around the bottom (can be modified to a dwarf wall) and can be purchased with the natural wood finish which is fully oiled, or you can choose to have your greenhouse painted in a choice of attractive colours. See below.

Our View

Excellent large feature orangery style greenhouse for your garden! the Swallow 8x26 Swan is big and strong with lots of standard features. Installed for free by Swallow!

Roof Windows
8 Standard
8 Bayliss
Staging Included
2x Porch Returned
Toughened Glass
Safety & Looks
Thermowood Frame
Long Lasting & Attractive
Full System
Large Double Hinged Doors
Inward Opening
Aluminium Door Handles
Glazing Slid Into Groove
Silicone Sealed
Turned Apex Finial
Classic Look
Machined Timber Capping
Ridge & Roof Vents
20mm PVC Damp Barrier
Keeps Wood Above Standing Water
Delivered & Installed
Hassle Free
Quality Paint Finishes
Enhanced looks
5 Year Warranty
All Swallow greenhouses are now made from Thermowood.
Heat and steam are used to thermally modify the wood to produce an exceptionally strong and durable wood that is perfect for outdoor use.
This process is achieved using natural methods and is non-toxic and chemical free, with one of the many benefits being improved insulation well suited for greenhouses.
After treatment the wood is a beautiful consistent colour that will last far longer than normal treated timber.


A: 2660mm (8ft 9")

B: 7958mm (26ft 1")

C: 1730mm (5ft 8") 

D: 2660mm (8ft 9")

E: 1200mm (3ft 11") Double Doors

F: 1980mm (6ft 6") 

G: 2660mm (8ft 9")

H: 730mm (2ft 5")

 mm exact : inches approx


Swallow greenhouses are delivered and installed at the same time by Swallow. A firm and level base area will need to be ready such as slabs, concrete, decking, sleepers or similar.

 Nobody delivers faster than South West Greenhouses!

Our goal is that all orders are processed the same day as we take your completed order (or Swallows next working day)
We don't "sit" on them as some suppliers do, this means that you get your greenhouse in the quickest delivery time possible.

Free delivery to the whole of mainland UK as far North as Stirling Scotland - Contact us for North of Stirling deliveries

Expected delivery time for Swallow greenhouses

8-12 Weeks for Oiled Finish buildings

8-12 Weeks for Painted Finish buildings

Deliveries West of A377 in Devon are 8-12 Weeks for all finishes

Lead times are from confirmation of base being completed


Options Information


Choose to have your greenhouse in oiled finish Thermowood or painted in one of 9 attractive colours (some exclusive to us)

You can select "Choose After Receiving Samples" if unsure, and then choose your final colour when received.

The Thermowood frame is treated professionally by Swallow with a top quality oil, this will help protect the frame from the elements, preserving the colour of the wood and reducing water stains and sun bleaching.

We also offer a colour matching service, using Swallows in house paint facility we can match most colours if you are trying to coordinate! Phone us with your choice. Swallow have their own spray booth facility which enables them to paint their greenhouses to a high quality finish. Painted before glazing and sometimes in component form for a seamless finish.

The paint used is a water borne acrylic which has a flexible microporous protective film, this top quality paint is resistant to bacterial mould and UV attack.

Boarded or Dwarf Wall

Choose to have your greenhouse fully boarded around the bottom or choose to build a dwarf wall to replace the bottom boarding, a window cill style bottom will be made and a wall plan emailed to you to give to your builder.

Porch Extension

This building comes with a 2ft 5" porch as standard which can be extended to 4ft 5" or 6ft 6" to enlarge your entrance area. Each extension includes extended Thermowood return staging and 2 roof windows.

Choose the painted to match option if ordering a painted building.

Extra Staging

If you need more work space for your potting and planting you can choose to add another full length of staging to add to the one you get as standard.

Can be painted to match your frame.

High Shelf

Add a High Level Shelf to your greenhouse for extra storage. Perfect for all those pots and tools you can choose to add one shelf which runs the whole length of your greenhouse or choose two so you can have one each side.

Can be painted to match your chosen frame colour.

Side Vents

Ventilation is important for every greenhouse to increase airflow and to control the inside temperature.
Choose to add these low level opening side/rear windows. (we will confirm position of windows with you). Choose painted option with a painted frame.

Ornate Door Handle

An attractive ornate black door handle is available to add to your order.

Extra Rear Doors

For increased access an extra pair of doors can be added to either or both of the 8ft gable ends, will match your boarded or dwarf wall choice.
Choose your door position as if you are looking at the front porch.

Choose painted option with a painted greenhouse.

Aluminium Crestings

Add a full length of black quality aluminium crestings to your greenhouse ridge.

Creating a stylish attractive look with the added benefit of deterring birds!


These high quality 2 tier slatted benches are freestanding and can be placed where you wish, these are suitable for inside or outside use.

Available in 4ft or 6ft lengths.
Can be painted to match.

Sparrow and Wren Cold Frames

Matching cold frames sturdily built with toughened glass hinged roofs.

  • Sparrow is 4'5 long by 2'1 wide
  • Wren is 4'5 long by 3'4 wide

Can be painted to match.

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