When is a Shed Greenhouse not a Shed Greenhouse?

potting shed inside

A: When it's a Potting Shed, Greenhouse Shed or Combined Shed Greenhouse or vice versa!

What's in a name?  The shed greenhouse, potting shed, greenhouse shed and combined shed greenhouse are in fact one and the same. Usually they're referred to as a potting shed, but different manufacturers and retailers call them different things for different reasons. It's only fair that these multi-purpose buildings have a range of names. They have so many uses, it's hard to contain all their benefits in one simple universal label!

A shed greenhouse or potting shed is ideal when you can't decide whether you want or need a shed or a greenhouse. Or, if you really need both, but you don't have the space. This enduringly popular option provides the best of both worlds. One side is fully-boarded, designed as a shed, while the other is glazed and performs as you would expect a greenhouse to perform, to harness the light. Sometimes it's split along the length of the building with shed one side and greenhouse the other, while other times one complete end is a shed and the other end a greenhouse. Decide which works best for you, taking into consideration the ergonomic layout and aesthetic properties. Stash your garden tools and equipment on one side and cultivate your plants and seedlings on the other.

Usually these dual- identity structures are made of timber and they really do add an appealing element to the garden. As with all sheds and greenhouses, you'll need to think about where to site it (especially the glasshouse element), ventilation, electricity, water, size, door positions and durability of materials. And don't forget a base for your shed greenhouse. Most installers will expect you to have a base ready. You can use solid concrete or paving slabs. There are two main reasons for a base, to spread the weight of the building evenly and to stop water from accumulating under your potting shed.

Enjoy pottering around your shed greenhouse combo this year, have shed, have greenhouse - let's get growing!

matt garner Author: Matt Garner
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