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Magical Gardens by Shaylie Worden

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Every garden is beautiful and unique,

The rabbits and squirrels like to play hide and seek,

Magnificent flowers grow from the ground,

The scent of pollen spreads all around,

You may decide to fly a kite,

And make it soar to a great height,

The garden is the best place to play,

It's especially nice on a warm summers day.


Birds land and chirp on the trees,

Meanwhile you will see the falling leaves,

Ladybirds will lurk with their small black spots,

And roses being planted in pretty flower pots,

Worms wriggle beneath the green grass,

And children play with footballs "PASS!"

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes,

With flowers that can win huge prizes!


When it reaches night it's exquisite,

Also a lovely place to visit,

When night falls you may see some bats,

Although it's a bit chilly, so wear warm hats!

Get your telescope out and look at the stars,

And see if you can spot the planet Mars.


Don't forget to buy my dads greenhouses,

They will be really nice for the gardens of your houses!


Author: Shaylie Worden - 11 years old