How to Organise Your Potting Shed

To get your perfect potting shed, you need to be able to customise it to meet your needs.

We're going to go through the potting shed essentials, to make sure you get off to a great start.

potting tablePotting Tables

To do any form or potting, you're going to need a potting table to work from.

The majority of potting sheds will come with a pre-built potting table, and they usually come in several tiers to help you organise your space.

You want to make sure it's at a comfortable height for when you're working, to avoid any strain on your back.

When you're not working on it, you can use it for extra plant storage, and to give plants extra light if they're usually situated in darker corners of the potting shed.

Storage Binsgarden bin

There are lots of things required to pot various types of plants and vegetables (compost, food, etc), and you tend to be left with lots of half finished bags or bottles during potting.

To keep everything organised, you can use oversized bins to store all of these things, helping to keep things clear and out of the way when not in use.

Just remember to check your existing bags before you splash out on new bags at the garden centre!

Tool Hooks/Hangers

You will no doubt have your own selection of useful tools that you use when planting and potting on.

Most potting sheds will have plenty of room to install a selection of hooks to keep these on the wall, making room to other things on the floor.

You don't want to stand on the wrong side of your rake!

Aim for a set of hooks that offers versatility, so it can adapt to the different tools you might need over time.

plant pot storageSpare Pots and Pot Storage

You have less space in a potting shed than a normal greenhouse, so it's important to make use of it with good shelving.

This can help you store your pots and plants in an organised fashion, without resorting to sticking them all over the place.

Spare pots come in handy all the time, so always try and keep a few handy for when you have that extra seedling to plant.

Sink and Water Source

Having a water supply and sink directly in the potting shed is a luxury, but a good one. There's nothing better than not having to go outside in the cold to use the outside tap, when you're in the middle of planting seeds.

garden basket for vegetablesBaskes or Trugs

Not essential but useful when harvesting vegetables or carrying small bits around the garden.

To store them, you can hang them from the ceiling to keep them out of the way.

Final Thoughts

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We also have more information on potting sheds here.

matt garner Author: Matt Garner
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