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How to Fit and Adjust an Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Matt

fitting a greenhouse autovent

You know you have to keep your greenhouse warm when it is cold outside but did you know that it is also important to keep it cool enough on those hot summer days so that your crops are not heat damaged?

Damping down, utilizing blinds, screens or shading paint can help to keep your greenhouse cool. It is essential that there is consistently adequate air circulation in your greenhouse.

If you go away in the summer months it may be a good idea to install an automatic vent opener in your greenhouse. The vent opener contains a mineral wax. When the temperature gets too high the wax expands opening the vent and when it cools down the wax constricts and the vent closes. 

When purchasing your automatic vent opener it is a good idea to check the weight of the roof vent on your greenhouse. Some roof vents require a stronger vent opener than others to keep them closed, this is especially true with the lightweight vents on UPVC greenhouses.

What are automatic greenhouse window openers?

Automatic window openers work similarly to vent openers. They rely on a wax that expands when heated to move a piston in a tube which in turn opens the window. An environment-friendly window opener is great for any passionate gardener as it means you can be away from your greenhouse and not worry about your plants getting heat damaged.

Installing the AutoVent

You can find automatic vent openers at any garden center or online. They are fairly simple to install, all you need is a couple of hours, a greenhouse, the automatic ventilation kit, a screwdriver, some screws, and possibly a pencil and a drill.

Here is how do it:

Step 1: Holes

Check to see if you have pre-drilled holes set in the center of your window vent. If not, you will have to drill them. Once your vent opener is placed in the middle of your window frame, take a pencil and mark the spot you will need to drill. Drill the holes.

Step 2: Screwing

Using the screws and screwdriver screw the automatic vent opener to the frame of the window. Check that the window can open and close.

Step 3: Adjusting

You may have to adjust the amount your window is able to open by rotating the main tube of the automatic window opener. If necessary.

Step 4: Test

Wait for a hot and sunny day to see if your automatic vent opener is working properly.

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