Growing the Green Stuff in Your 6x4 Greenhouse


Fancy some nice fresh veg with zero food miles? Love what you grow, grow what you love in your small yet perfectly formed 6x4 greenhouse. Ideal for the keen gardener with limited space, the beginner that wants to start out small or anyone that doesn't need a larger model. Nicely proportioned, the 6x4 greenhouse has plenty of head space  inside and because it's 6 foot wide it has the benefit of a full sized door entrance too. Go for wood or aluminium, glass or polycarbonate, according to your needs and budget.

Why Grow Veg in a 6x4 Greenhouse?

Get started with hardy veggies earlier than outside
Benefit from earlier harvest of the tender stuff, like French beans
Dabble and perfect growing tender crops like peppers, chillies, aubergines, cucumbers and tomatoes
Experiment with the exotics - think melons, okra and yams
Maximise autumn sunshine to carry on growing salads and French beans

When to Grow Veg in a 6x4 Greenhouse?

All year round if you pick the right plants and heat your greenhouse, if required

What Veg  to Grow in your 6x4 Greenhouse?

Late winter/Early Spring - sow hardy plants and use a heated propagator, which will help with germination (cabbage/leeks/lettuce/onions/sprouts)

Mid spring - sow tender plants that grow fast, like cucumbers, French beans, pumpkins, squashes and sweetcorn

Late spring/early summer - plant tomatoes, peppers and chillies in their final positions in the greenhouse  and harden off young plants, gradually, that have been brought on in the greenhouse, for their final positions outdoors

Summer - harvest your greenhouse crops and remove spent plants to be replaced by plants that were sown later

Late Summer - sow salad crops and new potatoes for Christmas lunch!

Autumn - take the opportunity to remove finished summer crops and have a good tidy. Plant calabrese and French beans to grow to maturity in the greenhouse along with hardy lettuce to be harvested in the spring. Also sow plants to over-winter, like peas and broad beans.

matt garner Author: Matt Garner
I'm an amateur gardener based in Birmingham in England, utilising my 30 years experience to help others learn all about gardening for South West Greenhouses. My specialist expertise are with assembling and dismantling greenhouses of all shapes and sizes. I've spent countless years growing fruit and vegetables at Walsall Road Allotments, and I was also a proud member of the Balsall & District Horticultural Society for many years. Linkedin | Twitter