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Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses are excellent for safety, with glazing that won't shatter into dangerous pieces, making them perfect when around children or in public spaces.

Our perspex greenhouse range includes all sizes from small to large, as well as types like lean-to greenhouses and cold frames.
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8x12 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

8x12 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£2,705.00  -  £3,299.00

6x10 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x10 Elite Titan Painted Finish£2,735.00  -  £3,199.00

6x20 Elite High Eave Painted Finish

6x20 Elite High Eave Painted Finish£2,790.00  -  £3,790.00

8x18 Elite Belmont  Painted Finish

8x18 Elite Belmont Painted Finish£2,850.00  -  £3,780.00

10x16 Halls Cotswold Eden Bourton

10x16 Halls Cotswold Eden Bourton£2,864.00  -  £4,064.00

6x18 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

6x18 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£2,875.00  -  £3,599.00

8x8 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x8 Elite Titan Painted Finish£2,935.00  -  £3,359.00

6x12 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x12 Elite Titan Painted Finish£3,045.00  -  £3,575.00

8x14 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

8x14 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£3,049.00  -  £3,705.00

6x20 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

6x20 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£3,089.00  -  £3,879.00

8x20 Elite Belmont  Painted Finish

8x20 Elite Belmont Painted Finish£3,154.00  -  £4,150.00

8x16 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

8x16 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£3,215.00  -  £4,049.00

8x10 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x10 Elite Titan Painted Finish£3,259.00  -  £3,919.00

6x14 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x14 Elite Titan Painted Finish£3,435.00  -  £3,999.00

8x18 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

8x18 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£3,565.00  -  £4,435.00

8x12 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x12 Elite Titan Painted Finish£3,639.00  -  £4,359.00

6x16 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x16 Elite Titan Painted Finish£3,725.00  -  £4,399.00

8x20 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish

8x20 Elite Titan Aluminium Finish£3,855.00  -  £4,775.00

8x14 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x14 Elite Titan Painted Finish£4,105.00  -  £4,835.00

6x18 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x18 Elite Titan Painted Finish£4,125.00  -  £4,855.00

8x16 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x16 Elite Titan Painted Finish£4,359.00  -  £5,319.00

6x20 Elite Titan Painted Finish

6x20 Elite Titan Painted Finish£4,399.00  -  £5,199.00

8x18 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x18 Elite Titan Painted Finish£4,825.00  -  £5,805.00

8x20 Elite Titan Painted Finish

8x20 Elite Titan Painted Finish£5,125.00  -  £6,135.00

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Page 3 of 3:    124 Items

About Our Polycarbonate Greenhouse Range

Frame Materials

Our polycarbonate range tends to be with an aluminium frame, but we also stock wooden greenhouses here.

Why choose polycarbonate for your glazing?

Polycarbonate greenhouses are sturdy affairs, excellent for putting up with the rough and tumble realities of family gardens, flying footballs, and even attempted vandalism. They are sometimes known as perspex greenhouses.

Greenhouse Brands & Quality

Our wide selection of aluminium and polycarbonate greenhouses include designs from Halls, Eden, and Elite. Offered at affordable prices, these high-quality greenhouses will last for years and give excellent value for the money. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but the quick breakdown and failure of cheaper materials and construction mean early replacements and a loss of any perceived value the lower price might falsely promise. We only sell greenhouses that we would be confident in using ourselves, so you can benefit from our expertise and experience.

Large Sized Perspex Greenhouses

If you dream of a big greenhouse – or the abundant crops that would need one – we offer the 6x10 Halls Popular, each ten feet wide and fitted with twin wall 6mm polycarbonate glazing (better than the thinner 4mm versions). Still not enough? The 12x8 Elite Classique comes in at a whopping twelve feet across and is constructed with the same high-quality materials and glazing. 

Each of these models can also be fitted with an additional set of double doors at the far end of the structure, so you can enter and exit from either end, or even place the greenhouse in an area where a through passage is required. 

Strong Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate Greenhouse glazing is available in a twin-wall design, featuring 6mm thicknesses, which creates an insulating cavity between the panes, just like double glazing in a home.

The durability of these greenhouses is ideal for growing tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and plants in your back garden or allotment.

Polycarbonate vs Toughened Glass

Glass greenhouses are more traditional in appearance, and the glass panels are completely transparent, making them more visually appealing. The toughened glass granulates when it breaks, which makes it safer than horticultural glass.

Polycarbonate glazing is not 100% transparent, so it's not as visually appealing as glass. However, it is the safest glazing you can choose, as the polycarbonate sheets won't shatter into pieces like glass.

Greenhouse Reviews

Here are a small selection of the thousands of reviews we've had:

John, 10/06/2020 Reviewed the 4x8 Elite Compact Aluminium Finish

"Excellent service from SWG, advised of delivery date and the greenhouse arrived a day earlier. Although I am a keen DIYer, the instructions sometimes were a bit of a challenge, however my wife was on hand to help! Also good support from Elite as needed. On my own it took about 18 hours in total to complete the build and it was easy to secure to my ready made base. Some areas of the instructions could have been a bit more explanatory (e.g Highlighting when extra bolts need to be inserted would have helped), but good when you figure it out. Only criticism is the door handles, did not fit them, will look for something locally a bit more friendly."

Nigel, 26/12/2017 Reviewed the 5x8 Elite Streamline Aluminium Finish

"Excellent phone service from both SW Greenhouses and Elite, delivery on time. Erection not for the faint hearted as much of the instrictions were vague, maybe more illustrations could help. The quality of the mouldings and accuracy of the fittings are superb resulting in a quality greenhouse. Fitting large panel toughened glass difficult until I slackened off most nuts. I Would recommend this greenhouse. Nigel. Cirencester"

Raja, 20/07/2015 Reviewed the 2x4 Elite Easygrow Lean To

"Well built and sturdy small green house. The instruction booklet was simple which helped assembling and fixing fairly easy. Lots of spare nuts, bolts and clips were in the pack. Good quality glass.The base fit very well. Thank you for your excellent service."

South West Greenhouses are rated 4.94/5 based on 2161 reviews.

UK Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery on all small greenhouses to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.