4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To
4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To

4x8 Eden Broadway Lean To

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Part of the new "Zero Threshold" range the Eden 4x8 Broadway lean to greenhouse has a revolutionary door design which benefits from nothing at all under the door entrance and extra smooth double sliding doors, this is a perfect choice for the elderly and very young and makes wheeling anything through the door effortless.

Built with a high eave for a nice spacious feel these quality Eden 4x8 Broadway lean to greenhouses are packed with features as standard including one window, built in base, wide gutters with 40mm downpipes, lockable large double doors, high door opening and stronger bars than most competitors.

Available in standard aluminium finish or choose a high quality green or black powder coated finish. Choose from toughened glass or polycarbonate with a glazing capping for extra glazing hold and increased appearance.

Large double doors are on the 8ft4" Length/Front

Our View
With its superior build quality the 4x8 Eden Broadway lean-to benefits from the unique Eden Zero Threshold system which has been a huge hit with our customers. With high eaves and a relatively low ridge this model offers full working space inside.

Roof Windows:  1 Standard
Zero Door Threshold:  Ease Of Access
Integral Base:  Strength & Support
Unique Door Design:  Smooth Sliding
Aluminium Frame:  Maintenance Free
2 Glazing Choices:  Toughened & Polycarbonate
Powder Coated Colours:  Green Or Black
Low Ridge:  Fits Lower Walls
High Eaves:  Spacious Inside
Integral Gutters:  With 40mm Downpipes
Glazing Capping:  Extra Firm Glazing Hold
High Door:  Large Double Doors
Strong Bars:  Strength
Top Manufacturer:  UK Made
12 Year Warranty:  Framework



  • Quality Affordable Greenhouses
  • 12 Year Frame Guarantee
  • UK Customer Service
  • Fast Delivery
  • Excellent Reputation

Eden greenhouses are a long standing UK manufacturer with all their greenhouses being made and distributed from Cheltenham. With an enviable reputation for offering quality greenhouses at an affordable price they certainly try to live up to their moto of "You Can't Buy Better Than Eden".
Many models in the Eden range have excellent features such as high eaves and hinged doors and all are made to a strong design.
The 2015 range of Zero Threshold greenhouses offers something never seen before in the UK.

Our View
Excellent quality greenhouses when you consider the price, these are designed with the UK gardeners needs in mind and are built to last!



     Nobody delivers faster than South West Greenhouses!

    Our goal is that all orders are processed the same day as we take your completed order (or Edens next working day)
    We don't "sit" on them as some suppliers do, this means that you get your greenhouse in the quickest delivery time possible.

    Free delivery to the whole of mainland UK and Northern Irelandthere is an additional charge for all offshore islands and Republic of Ireland, if yours is not shown in the "delivery offshore" option a quote will be required.


    Expected delivery time for Eden greenhouses

    14 - 21 Working Days (usually faster)




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    Toughened Glass

    Eden only use toughened glass to British standard, this is long pane sheets for a neater finish and eliminates any overlapping which can have an algae and moss build up. Much stronger than horticultural glass these panes will granulate if broken removing the danger of serious injury.
    Supplied with glazing capping.


    Eden supply a quality 6mm UVI treated twin wall polycarbonate for the ultimate in safety. Supplied in full length sheets this is virtually unbreakable. As with all polycarbonate greenhouses we do not recommend this option in exposed areas.
    Supplied with glazing capping.



    Standard silver aluminium finish.


    High quality green powder coated finish.


    High quality black powder coated finish.

    These are probably the most common accessory sold with greenhouses along with staging. Automatically opens the roof window according to temperature up to 18" to allow maximum ventilation, these are easily fitted with the supplied clamps and no drilling is required. Choose one for each window you wish to automatically open.

    Louvres provide low level ventilation and are an excellent accessory. Humid and stagnant air can cause condensation which develops mould and disease, by adding louvres to the rear or side of your building fresh air is drawn in and encourages circulation. These 6 blade louvres are supplied with toughened glass.
    Choose aluminium, green or black to match your frame.
    These automatic louvre openers will open and close your louvre for you depending on the air temperature. You will need one Autolouvre for each louvre you wish to open automatically.
    Please note that some drilling is required to fit this accesory.
    Integrated Gable End Staging
    Eden have designed a superb staging that runs the length of one side of your greenhouse, this can be fitted to either the left or right gable side (when looking at the wall from outside the greenhouse). This staging uses brackets and cantilever bars to attach directly to the framework which gives an extremely strong work surface while not interfering with the floor space.
    Slatted design for fluid drainage and airflow, this staging can be adjusted in height to suit your needs.

    Built to fit this exact greenhouse you can choose to have one side of staging or both sides.

    63cm wide

    You can choose a different colour to your frame choice if you prefer.
    Integrated Gable End Shelf
    Exactly the same as the staging but narrower these shelves are super handy for pots and tools.
    Can be used on their own or can be fitted above the staging for additional storage.

    Built to fit this exact greenhouse you can choose to have one side of shelving or both sides.

    18cm wide

    You can choose a different colour to your frame choice if you prefer.
    Potting Bench
    Made from a sturdy silver aluminium frame (not available in green) this is designed with your potting needs in mind, featuring a high sided compost tidy on top with a reversible tray below.

    Length: 595mm
    Width: 560mm
    Height: 1040mm
    Roller Blinds
    Innovative design from Eden. Each pack contains 2 roller blinds designed to fit on a standard 2ft width pane of glass, simply fitted in less than a minute with glass suckers.

    Blinds are 575mm wide (Total unit width 610mm)
    Blind rolls out to an impressive 1900mm long
    Can be used on roof or sides

    Supplied in packs of 2

    Each greenhouse roof & side bays are 2ft wide. For example an 8ft long greenhouse has 4 roof bays each side (8 total) and 4 side bays each side (8 total)
    Senior Heater
    Keep your greenhouse warmed with the Eden Senior Heater, simply fill with paraffin with no need for electric.
    Ventilation is required when in use.

    Plant Spirals
    Hang these sturdy green plant spirals to the greenhouse roof to support your tomato/cucumber or similar plants that may need a little help to grow high. Can be adjusted in length by pulling the coils.
    3 Spirals to one pack.
    Plant Rings
    Use these plant rings anywhere in your greenhouse for running wires across or hanging plant ties.
    Supplied in packs of 20.
    Automatic Irrigation
    Can be used both in the greenhouse and also with outdoor plants. This automatic irrigation system is gravity based and distributes the water/fertilizer to your plants via hoses, Y connectors and drip pins. Each pin can be adjusted to suit your plants need.
    The system has a tank which will mix fertilizer and water and has an automatic fill feature.
    Gutter Connecting Kit
    Connectors and fittings to add to the existing standard pair of downpipes that enable you to join both gutters into a single water barrel at the back of your greenhouse.
    Water Barrel & Stand
    Rigid moulded plastic 100 litre water barrel and stand with incorporated tap.

    Choose 1 barrel if using with the gutter connecting kit or 1 or 2 barrels if using with the standard included down pipes.

    Don't let all that free rainwater go to waste!
    Construction Kit
    This handy kit contains the most common tools you will require for assembly.
    The pack includes
    • Gloves
    • Screwdriver
    • Glass Sucker
    • M10 Nut Spinner
    • Long Nosed Pliers
    Delivery Offshore
    Nobody delivers faster than South West Greenhouses!

    Free delivery to mainland UK.

    Choose the correct option for delivery to Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight or Republic of Ireland.

    Delivery within 15 working days.

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