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Why Buy a Greenhouse?

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Juliana orangery greenhouse

Why not! There are so many fantastic reasons to buy a greenhouse and it's on the wish list of most keen gardeners. A greenhouse can turn a hobby into a full-blown passion and it's equally good for those that have hours to spend or those that need to squish in a few precious minutes amongst the hubbub of a hectic life. Those few minutes can fuel a fanfare of flowers, fruits and vegetables, that just wouldn't be possible without a greenhouse.

Buy a greenhouse if you want to:

Grow fresh fruit and vegetables all year long
Over-winter your plants
Nurture exotic plants
Garden all year round, while outside is dormant
Propagate from seeds and cuttings in the perfect environment
Save pennies and pounds by growing from seed and cuttings
Learn more about plants and share your knowledge 
Grow more to share
Make friends and influence people on the joys of gardening
Be inside while your outside - it's good for your health!

If you decide to buy a greenhouse, next steps are to choose your site, size and style and then material (aluminium or wooden), brand and colour. You'll also need to consider, glazing type (toughened glass/horticultural glass or polycarbonate), shelving/staging, electricity, ventilation and rainwater collection.

You cannot overestimate the joys of being in the greenhouse on a rainy day amongst your plants, pots, dibbers and seed trays - listening to the rain on the roof with mug of tea in hand and earthy aroma of growing. It's simply potted wellbeing!