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6x6 Potting Sheds

All of these potting sheds are available in a 6ft x 6ft configuration, including a range from Swallow and Clearview. They are made from treated timber that's designed to be highly durable to outside weather conditions.

These are small-medium sized, ideal for the majority of average homes, with enough space for planting and storage.

All of these 6x6 potting sheds include delivery and installation with the price.

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Clearview 6'-8'' x 6'-4'' Oxfordshire

Clearview 6'-8" x 6'-4" Oxfordshire£2,290.00  -  £2,885.00

10% OFF!
Ends 30/09/22
Swallow 6'-8 x 6'-4 Jay Potting Shed

Swallow 6'-8 x 6'-4 Jay Potting Shed£3,199.00  -  £3,999.00


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6x6 Potting Shed vs 6x6 Greenhouse

You may be considering a potting shed vs a 6x6 greenhouse instead.

Below we cover the pros of each:

Pros of a 6x6 Potting Shed

  1. Multi use - the benefits of a potting shed are that it can be used for growing plants and storing tools and garden equipment.
  2. Some People prefer the look of a potting shed, as it's more traditional.
  3. More colours - the painting options of a potting shed tend to be greater.
  4. Durable - with less glass, the structure of a potting shed is stronger.
  5. Free Installation - a lot of our potting sheds come with free installation, which is a service that some greenhouse brands don't provide.

Pros of a 6x6 Greenhouse

  1. Better price - You can usually get a greenhouse for a lower price than a potting shed.
  2. Easier to manoeuvre - being lighter, a greenhouse is usually easier to move than a potting shed.
  3. More growing space - if you only care about growing space, then a greenhouse will be better.